Progression & Development


‘The Stone of Ascension’ used to heighten states of awareness, progression and inherent regeneration. Helps to align Divine guidance with Earthly action.


A stone that 'makes a path for transformation' towards the Highest Self manifestation.  The inclusion of Cacoxenite occurs most usually in Amethyst (and has been found in other Quartz) as striated 'tufts' of gold-yellow colour, but can be seen as red, brown or orange hues too.  


Primarily this stone is used to intensify the link between the Solar Plexus, Third Eye and Crown Chakras. It brings the knowledge of self-worth and inner strength together with the conscious and unconscious knowledge held within our Minds and Auras.  


Because of this ability to connect oneself with the brilliance of their inner Light, the stone can be used to counter negative behaviours like passive-agressive manipulations, ego-tripping, agressive domination both verbally and physically, and restore balanced communication for the good of a whole group. At first one can utilise it's energy to generate a profoundly radiant inner light and connect with others that are ready to expand in harmony. 


It has a natural tendency to take the 'issue at hand' away from an individual('s) focus and put it in context with a larger group. In this way the collective conscience takes the weight and lightens the load for the individual, allowing them space to move on and forward. A very gentle and positive aspect is the message 'It's not all about You, let us all help together, we are all here for a purpose'.


Aligned with the benevolent energy of number 6, the Heavenly Divinity, the provider and inherent Authority. As a Metal association it is able to be forged into armour or a weapon. Used by a wise person to instil discipline in the physical, mental and spiritual Being rather than intimidate or destroy others, the symbology and artistic heart of Metal energy is as beautiful as any other, and not to be feared or thougth of as 'hard' or 'sharp', but rather as 'fluid' and 'malleable'.


A wonderful stone for anyone who feels they 'don't fit in' here on Earth. It helps to make safe the causeway between 'One Being' and 'All Beings', helping us to understand we are all from one energy Source, existing as vibrations of varying frequencies. A good essence for families/groups/friends who feel 'fractured' and unable to be whole as a unit unto themselves and each other, it can bring about a harmonious understanding of the strengths available to everyone when we all share the load. 


As a powerful healing stone it may prove helpful for anyone who has chronic illness (physical, mental or spiritual) to accept help and look towards a future without the pain they are in at present. It can heighten the awareness of dimensional aspects to the human condition, allowing for altered states of perception and access to solutions.

Cacoxenite Crystal Essence

  • Take 5 drops under the tongue, or in a small glass of pure water, two times a day.

    A dosage bottle of 30ml contains roughly 600 drops of essence which will last approximately 2 months.


    If a child will not take this by mouth it can be rubbed gently or sprayed onto the Fontanel (soft area on the crown of the skull) or behind the ears.


    Keep away from heat and light. Use within 3months of purchasing. 

    All essences are made to order using pure water and an alcohol stabiliser. It is a very diluted mix. I do not use vinegar as a stabiliser because I have found that it does not keep the remedy well and taints the smell and taste of the essence unfavourably. If you wish to dilute the taste of your essence, you can pop your dose into a blend of tea or a fresh juice.

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