Simple Family First Aid - Workbook 1

Simple Family First Aid - Workbook 1

I have very specific aims that I hope to impart to you through this ebook. These are:

  • Empower yourself with knowledge, gain confidence with your observational skills and administering natural remedies.
  • Save money, time, energy and stress by knowing what to do for minor emergencies.
  • Avoid lengthy and tiring hospital or doctor visits by using simple home remedies that are quick, effective and safe for minor ailments and injuries.
  • Avoid costly and toxic pharmaceutical products by using natural alternatives.
  • Enjoy the peace of preventative therapies that reduce the onset and frequency of everyday ailments.


When I first began to use essential oils in an everyday sense, I discovered a world that I felt at once at home with, and also one that had me feeling as if I couldn't ever hope to feel totally confident in.


As a product of my generation, general medicine told me I couldn't possibly be as knowledgeable as a qualified doctor when it comes to the common illnesses, ailments and injuries. But my intuition told me this can’t be correct because I know my body, and I know my children better than anyone else. I can be trusted to follow protocols for self care and preventative therapies… right? Yes, I could, and most of us can, but we lack the experience of taking responsibility and control of our health.


I was personally disappointed and disillusioned with the general medical system and decided to sidestep a lot of the intrusions I experienced entering my life and my children’s lives. I let go of the endless waiting room ‘purgatory’. I let go of the toxic side effects of pharmaceuticals. I let go of the sometimes intimidating behaviour of our medical system protocols and practitioners. So, I just let it go. But what did I replace it all with?


Questions you may immediately have: But how can you soothe a child’s rising temperature when they are fevering? How do you manage to keep yourself calm and ‘present’ to observe their symptoms? How do you organize yourself to have on hand what you need for all those minor emergencies as they arise? (…and they do…no matter how well we look after our babies). And how do you move through the very ingrained fears we have about common illnesses and the repercussions of self-sufficient medical treatment?

This ebook contains information for the use of only four essential oils, used as singles, duos or trios to alleviate or remedy a multitude of situations. I know, it’s something to grasp…there are literally thousands and thousands of plant oils that are on the market… ‘How on earth can there be just four that I need?’ you may ask…well, read on and find out.



Want to workshop it? Get in touch with me via the Contact page so we can organise a gathering with you and a few of your friends. We all learn so much quicker with conversational observation and questions being responded to in real time. It's a human 'thing' ;)


Purchase this ebook on its own or receive it *free when you place an order for the four essential oils, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Tea Tree and Peppermint (any sizes or combination of sizes) or the Simple Family First Aid Kit. (*your free ebook file will be sent after your order goes through checkout).

  • Reviews:

    "Thanks for the booklet as with everything you do - it looks amazing, high quality and made with such love and care! Thank you." Dorine

    "This is just perfect. It's all in one place, all I have to do is open it up. Going to enjoy getting through it little by little." N

    "Thankyou Jannette! Is it wrong of me to want a reason to use it straight away? :)!" Nicole

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