Eucalyptus - Certified Organic Essential Oil

Eucalyptus - Certified Organic Essential Oil

Botanical Name: Eucalyptus polybractae

Steam distilled from leaves and twigs

Colourless, with a fresh, penetrating, woody, camphorous and yet slightly more floral note than other Eucalyptus oils.

Eucalyptus has been in use in Australia before European settlement by native Aboriginal people, and is one of the most commonly used essential oils for household disinfecting purposes. It is also commonly used as a vapour treatment to inhale for respiratory ailments.


Clinical properties – decongestant, antibacterial, antifungal, analgesic (pain relieving), antiseptic, anti-parasitic (vermifuge), antispasmodic (relieves spasms ie: coughing), deodorising, expectorant, stimulating, vulnerary (wound healing), febrifuge (removes or alleviates fever), purifying (depurative).


Blends well with: Cedarwood, chamomile, cypress, geranium, ginger, grapefruit, juniper, lavender, lemon, marjoram, peppermint, pine, rosemary, thyme.


Always do a Patch Test before use topically as everyone is different and will react uniquely to any product (natural or synthetic).

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  • How to Use:

    Best used as a dilution (30 drops per 50ml of carrier oil) for application to the skin, or neat in a vapouriser (3 to 5 drops) to open the airways, relieve a congested ‘head’ and provide relief from common coughs, colds, hayfever/allergic rhinitis, and even snoring.

    Eucalyptus for respiratory distress – apply one drop to a handkerchief or cotton ball, hold it directly below the nose and breathe in deeply, inhaling the vapours. Keep eyes shut when it is close to your face as the vapours can cause eye irritation. For babies, apply one drop to the area of clothing just below the chest line (on clothing that they cannot possibly suck on).

    If using in a vapouriser for adults and teens – 3 to 5 drops, for babies and young children 1 to 2 drops only.

    For sneezing ‘fits’ and severe congestion – fill a bowl of boiled water and add 3 drops of Eucalyptus, mix with a spoon for around 30seconds. Position your head over the bowl and cover your shoulders and forearms with something like a small tablecloth…a light fabric. Close your eyes, move your head over the steam and ‘close’ the cloth around your face to form a ‘tent’.  Breathe in deeply three times. Come out of your ‘tent’ and relax. Repeat if necessary till the irritation is gone and you are breathing deeply. Not recommended for children under the age of about 9, but be your own judge of the child’s competency to follow instructions.

    Alternatively, fill a 50ml spray bottle with pure water and 5 drops of Eucalyptus. Spray a fine mist in front of a child or adult and ask them to breath in the droplets. Repeat several times until breathing has improved or returned to normal.

    For muscular aches and coughing spasms blend 3ml with 30ml of Coconut Oil (or similar) and rub gently into the affected area. (chest front and back for cold and flu coughs)

    For coughing and sore throat associated with viral infections / flu / colds add one drop to 50ml of raw honey and mix well. Take a quarter of a teaspoon of the mixture and allow it to drip down the back of the throat. Repeat up to 3 times an hour if needed. (children over 11 and adults…not for babies or young children)

  • Samples:

    Sample bottles are approximately 3ml of oil in an amber glass bottle with dropper cap closure. They can be used to refill the 2ml bottles in the MINIS COLLECTION.

    Sample solid balms are presented on a square of glassine paper in a glassine envelope with seal. They should be kept away from heat and light and used within a few weeks of receiving as they are not in an airtight container.

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