FREEDOM Crystal Infused Aromablend

FREEDOM Crystal Infused Aromablend

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A blend of two of my very favourite Australian essential oils - Eucalyptus Radiata, a pleasant, fresh-floral compared to regular eucalypt, and Australian Buddhawood, a woody, whisky-like, resinous caramel with a similar signature to Sandalwood, but deeper and richer.


These combined give the Merkaba effect of 'above and below', bringing IN that sense of connection to earth and sky, ...planet and galaxy...the inner and outer worlds coming together seamlessly in perfect union. It helps us to 'see' the here and now by becoming more grounded in the present moment, in truth and authenticity.


'You are here. You are now. Everything else is distraction.' It's a very calming realisation to have occur and one that helps to release anxiety and any form of distress.


This blend is infused with the frequency of Australian Petrified Tree Fern which includes the most beautiful 'universe' of formations. The particular specimen I received had this galactic swirl and some blue pigmentation on the outer globule formations. Beautiful.


Tree Fern signature is ancient knowledge that we are all-enduring and free from the constraints of any perceptions. We exist now and forever with ultimate freedom from within our innate structure. It's an encouraging message of survival, reminding you that you are thriving from Source energy, and eliminating the distractions of minutiae and modern day trivia traps.


Made with pure essential oils.


Perfect for men or women, this will become a favourite scent for everyday stability, security and well-being.

  • Ingredients:

    *Eucalyputus (Eucalyptus radiata), **Buddhawood (Eremophila mitchellii). *Certified Organic **Wild Harvested.
    Infused with Petrified Australian Tree Fern (Gemstone). 

  • How to use:

    Add a drop to pulse points and rub in to release the gentle, relaxing aromatics.

    Apply with a carrier oil to the palms of the hands and breathe deeply  or the soles of the feet to restore nervous system balance. 

  • FAQ:

    Is it safe for use in pregnancy?

    Yes. This  blend of essential oils may assist with calming the nervous system. 


    Is it suitable for children?

    Yes. Dilute for use topically (on the skin). Can be used by children, adults and the elderly. Always do a patch test and exercise caution with the very young, infirm or ill.

  • Samples:

    Sample bottles are approximately 3ml of oil in an amber glass bottle with dropper cap closure. They can be used to refill the 2ml bottles in the MINIS COLLECTION.

    Sample solid balms are presented on a square of glassine paper in a glassine envelope with seal. They should be kept away from heat and light and used within a few weeks of receiving as they are not in an airtight container.

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