There's so much in this handy little ebook about tweaking energy layers in your home or business premises. It's basically a crash course in balancing the Five Elements which you can use aesthetically, or in conjunction with the Annual Influences Guide to optimise energy flow for maximum success. Simple to follow and fun to experiment with, you'll find the information within easy to read and implement using Shape, Colour and Sound remedy suggestions.


Build and strengthen your knowledge of basic Feng Shui principles using the Five Elements and their associations.  Study them before diving in to the Annual Influences Guide or study manuals, and you’ll gain more from the information contained in the text, plus, you’ll be better able to invent and construct your own solutions, to manifest smoother flowing energy in your home or business premises.


To help you understand FSFS a little better, 'How to use The Five Elements with Flying Stars Feng Shui', explains the philosophy of Elemental Balancing so you can get the most out of your Feng Shui adjustments, or just peruse it to get a broad knowledge base for further study.


You can also learn how to Calculate your Birth Number and how to use it with the Annual & Monthly Charts to boost your health and happiness, then apply the same formula for anyone in your family or business.

How to use The Five Elements with Flying Stars Feng Shui

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