This blend brings together the trio of Frankincense, Aged Dark Patchouli essential oils & Benzoin resin, and has a 'metallic' quality that hints of old stone. I've not discovered this effect in similar blends and was (pleasantly) taken by surprise once the perfume matured. It took me back to the experience of being inside the passage tomb at West Kennet Long Barrow on Salisbury Plain, England. There was a resonance of sanctity there; a vibration of infinite divinity, a pulse of deep Earth and ancient memories contained in the rich soil. 


The sacred resinous scent of pure Frankincense purifies the Mind and Spirit. It's one of the blends I have tinkered with for many years using various kinds of grounding oils for meditation. Named 'Infinite Om' after the composition of sonic magic by Jonathan Goldman, which I found soothed something on a frequency that led to complete peace,...'OM' is the sound or resonance of the beginning of all Creation. When meditating it is used to centre the Mind and Spirit.



Scent profile: Metallic Stone & Sweet Earth

Ingredients used: Frankincense, Patchouli & Benzoin with artisan botanical infusions and accords in Certified Organic Jojoba. 

Evokes: The tactile impression of temple flagstones and flickering candlelight.  Classic incense and grounding earthiness with stone and metal tones.


Energy Signature: Rich soil pressed to a soft footprint and glittering black stone walls. 

Non-gender specific scent - suits both women and men

Autumn / Winter - wear it to whisper blessings and breathe in deeply

Infinite OM Organic Perfume

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  • MEM organic botanic perfume oil evolves on YOU. It will be slightly different for each wearer, but at least you wear the scent, and not the other way around. Natural perfume oil assimilates within a person's aura, and doesn't 'hit' others in the way that synthetic perfumes do.

    Made with nourishing Certified Organic Jojoba and 100% Natural and Organic essential oils and resins, they contain no synthetics...ever.
    No parabens. No petrochemicals. No alcohol. No phthalates. Not tested on animals.
    Non-GMO & Vegan ingredients (excluding beeswax in solid perfumes). Recyclable & BPA-free packaging. 

    To experience a stronger silage of your botanic perfume oil, try the combination of a solid perfume underneath a liquid perfume. This can help to increase the intensity and life of your perfume, and works well for people with overly sensitive and dry skin who may find that perfume doesn't last long for them. The barrier created by the beeswax allows the perfume oil to be absorbed slowly. To further your scent layering, apply a tiny amount of perfume oil to the tips of your fingers and run it through your hair near the scalp. Bodyheat created here will gently diffuse the perfume for hours.
    Solid Perfumes are made using a base of wild-crafted organic beeswax from hives in the local area (SE Moreton Bay, Queensland, Australia), and certified organic Jojoba oil.
    Your botanic perfume will keep for over 12 months if stored correctly out of sunlight and away from heat.

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