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KEY QI unlocks the energy layers for expansion, clarity and positivity.


Bergamot is a clean citrus note that's similar to blending Lime and Lemon together. I love its beautifying, uplifting message, and all the while it is cleansing the atmosphere like ribbons of bright light coursing through the ether. Frankincense - the teacher, protector and amplifier of all things good, it's also a magnificent oil to cleanse energy layers and just like Bergamot, it is marvelous for the respiratory system. Basil has piercingly bright, green-herbaceous quality that sets an intense fresh note to this blend. It has been used in sacred blends for thousands of years and no wonder; it packs a punch! To feel like you have been put back 'online' mentally, this is the oil.


Calming, centering, grounding, cleansing and opening. 

Use it in a vapouriser, diffuser or diluted into a solution for cleaning or inhalation.

(More details about use in the 'How to use' section...)


Originally this blend was the base for a Space Clearing Mist I made years ago. It had such a clean, sparkling signature that it instantly cleared anywhere it was used. I carried it with me as a surface and hand sanitiser when I had my babies and felt that, because of its simplicity, it was able to 'do its work'. I would also add in my own Crystal Essence blend of Elestial on Citrine with Black Tourmaline to give me assistance with what was, at the time, a quite debilitating reaction to electrical energy. Black Tourmaline is GREAT for helping with overexposure to electrical frequencies and the general 'texture' of modern life. 


The combination of therapies worked beautifully so I infused KEY QI with Natural Citrine and Black Tourmaline. Citrine transforms negative or 'low level' energy into pure light once more, making it available to use for us as a clean resource. Black Tourmaline is the natural 'force-field' generator and grounds our human energy to planetary energy. Deeply calming and securing. 



Always do a Patch Test before use topically as everyone is different and will react uniquely to any product (natural or synthetic).

KEY QI Crystal Infused AromaBlend

  • *Lemon (Citrus limon), *Bergamot (Citrus bergamia), Frankincense (Boswellia carteri), *Basil (Occimum basilicum) Essential Oils. *Certified Organic Ingredient.


    Infused with Natural Citrine and Black Tourmaline.

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