Instil your whole Being with the calming frequency of pure Agonis fragrans (Fragonia) oil.
Grown and harvested in Western Australia, it carries a unique message of peace in many layers. With a floral scent reminiscent of Rose, paired with a transcendental, euphoric hint of eucalypt, it has all the aromatics of a typical Australian bush scent yet without overt camphorous qualities.
Native Australian Fragonia essential oil has seemingly 'instant' balancing qualities. It calms, relieves stress, can assist with disconnecting from past emotional problems and blockages, helps with making peace on the inside, lifting grief, inducing tranquility and decreasing anxiety.
This blend is infused with specimens of Australian Agatase Thunder Egg and Rutilated Clear Quartz.
Agatase is an interesting geode containing conglomerate masses and striated layers. Its message is primal and planetary; to move through seemingly rigid concepts and emerge as a ‘multi-layered being’, collecting experiences for future reference. 
Rutilated Clear Quartz is a natural marvel with gold, hair-like structures bonded in the clear quartz structure. It can assist with finding the gold within and accessing self-worth, encouraging self confidence and the appreciation of the magic inside everyone.
Fragonia is gentle on skin and can help to gain awareness of the Present after jet lag or shift work / sleep deprivation, by using as a pulse point inhalation. 
Using it can clear the atmosphere of spaces and sanitise hands or surfaces, as it has significant anti-bacterial qualities. 
This blend is made using pure wild-harvested essential oil and Certified Organic Australian Macadamia Oil.
Unisex - this is a magnificent solo scent that you will fall in love with.
Please note this is an oil that is only available seasonally and in small quantities at present. For that reason, it sells out quickly! I endeavour to get enough to cover orders but cannot guarantee availability.

PEACE Crystal Infused Aromablend

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  • **Fragonia (Agonis fragrans), *Macadamia Nut Oil (Macadamia integrifolia), . *Certified Organic **Wild Harvested.
    Infused with Australian Agatase and Rutilated Quartz Crystal.


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