Quirkier Botanical Eau de Parfum

Quirkier Botanical Eau de Parfum

Main components - Cedar, Moss, Spruce, Cistus and Cananga with artisan botanical infusions & essences in organic alcohol.

Woody - Green - Floral - Musk


Non-gender specific scent, yet a feminine style of the classic 'green fern' fragrance usually used in the construction of masculine colognes. In this case it has been intensified and presented in a EDP formulation. The sillage (radiance) is mediated and the longevity increased with this stronger extrait ratio.


Mind's Eye: fleeting messages are dream still-shots, clinging within memories like the tendrils of a vine.

Not to be pigeon-holed: wear it to be your magnificent, authentic self; banishing mediocrity and category mongers. 


Contains essences of Jasmine Flower (Sensuality, Divine Feminine, Romance, exploration) and Cornflower Petals (True Sight, Third Eye stimulus, energetic protection, loving communication).


Each perfume is presented with information cards. Large bottles are packaged in a medium-weight calico drawstring gift bag. Smaller bottles are presented in card pillow packs. In each case I take particular care to ensure your perfume is 'gift ready'. If you require a gift card sent with your perfume please leave me a message at checkout.






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    The Courier cost of $20 can accomodate up to 1kg of orders, so most orders can have all purchases sent in the one parcel with your Eau de Parfum.

    As this product contains alcohol it is shipped by road courier delivery and because of dangerous goods delivery stipulations, is only available to be delivered to addresses on the Australian mainland.

    I am looking for solutions to this situation but at present O/S delivery of EDP's is unavailable.

  • Botanical Perfumery:

    Botanical Perfumery is a revelation for those who have never experienced the use of real plant essences in their perfumes before. Traditional perfumes were made using these subtle essences because it was understood that each plant and flower, seed pod or resin deposit, contained its own unique Energy Signature, and when combined with the more potent aromatics, the perfume created became a remarkable potion...more than mere 'scent' or fragrance.

    Magic Earth Mumma perfumes are formulated in this traditional method of perfumery, using ingredients gathered from my property, wild gatherings, and from other growers who have refined their art of extracting the vital, potent aromatic ingredients from plants.

    Each perfume is created in small-batch quantities and bottled in limited edition packaging. I take part in every facet of the production of the perfumes I create. They are hand blended, matured, bottled and packaged by the maker (me), produced in boutique/micro-batch quantities with care and attention.

  • Cruelty-free & Vegan:

    Botanical perfumery is compiled using essential oils, CO2 extractions, absolutes and macerations/infusions of botanical material in botanical oil, to create beautiful, naturally cruelty-free perfumes suitable for use by those following a Vegan philosophy lifestyle, and by those of us who value our animal family and wish to protect them from exploitation.


    The term 'Musk' used in my descriptions refers to components and accords (blends or collections of various botanical ingredients to produce a scent style) that are concocted purely from botanical sources. It is a description of a sweet, animalistic, sensuous, inviting scent that is used sparingly within the construction of the perfume, to entice and allure.


    (If I do ever use a product that is derived from an animal byproduct eg: honeycomb or 'africa stone', I will list it in the ingredients and label that perfume as 'non-vegan'.)

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  • The Scent Story:

    Enticing hints of floral, deep green woods, dream-lingering forest glades, enveloped in connection to the magnificence of trees. In daydreams, you are the super-cut; the message and memory's origin.

    The dry down has a tenacious longevity of a deep, warm fern at the base of ancient cedar.

    I created this perfume many years ago after a conversation with my then teenage daughter. She wanted something 'foresty and floral', I had been working on a project with fougere accords, and so we combined a little of each project. What happened was 'quirky'...and so it was named.

    The perfume 'moves' through various stages, similar to a screenplay. One scenario lifts to reveal another character plot. The backdrop slides away to bring in a new view... This fluidity reminded me of how we constantly seek stability yet are faced with a reality that relies up constant change. Quirkier and quirkier...

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