A warming and comforting blend of Tangerine, Cinnamon Leaf and Clove Bud essential oils. The blend of Camellia Seed, Macadamia Nut Oil and fractionated Coconut Oil provide a gentle blend to deliver the essential oils deep into the dermis. (This has the scent profile of the popular 'Stellar Solaris' Skin Ritual Body Scrub).

Relieves muscular aches and pains

Uplifts and realigns the emotions

Citrus Spice (Oriental) scent that suits both genders

Cinnamon Leaf is safe to use on skin (unlike Cinnamon Bark which is skin sensitising) and is a highly effective antibacterial just like Clove Bud, which is used as a small amount in this blend to accent the Tangerine and Cinnamon Leaf.


Tangerine is a variety of citrus that has a very upbeat, happy and joyful energy signature. I find it can bring Light, Love and Laughter with it easily and has a beautiful, calming quality to it that is great for anytime, but perfect for times when you need to feel cared for and comforted.


Now available in a recycled PET bottle.

SOLARIS Massage Oil

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  • *Camelia Seed Oil, *Macadamia Nut Oil, *Coconut Oil fractionated, Tangerine EO, *Cinnamon Leaf EO, *Clove Bud EO. *Certified Organic Ingredient. Infused with Citrine and Black Tourmaline. 

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