Super Seven Crystal Essence

Super Seven Crystal Essence

Connection & Assimilation


Powerful alignment energy to balance all Chakras within and outside of the body. Able to shift and transform frequencies to bring about calm, safe connection to others and the planet.


So called because the stone contains all seven of these crystal manifestations: Clear Quartz. Smoky Quartz, Cacoxenite, Amethyst, Rutile, Geothite and Lepidocrocite. Also called the 'Melody Stone'. It is often mentioned that this stone 'aligns all seven chakras' but I felt it was much more of an 'activation code' for all of the energy centers in and out of the physical body, which has proven to be the case. My particular specimen is a very Clear Quartz with the other inclusions, and because of this it has magnificent amplification energy.  It's an Auric manifestation-activation-energy-amplifier!


Taking Super Seven brings you closer to the Divine in all things. It strengthens the conduit of frequency between you as an Earthly Being and you as the Etheric Being. You become more of your true self, and in the process raise the energy grid of the entire planet. (Thanks). A stone that never needs 'charging', it's ready to rumble anytime. This message of alertness, awareness, capability, capacity and understanding is wired directly into your primal receptors. Enjoy.


If you are feeling like you need that extra support in life, or that the path ahead is lost and you can't see the forest for the trees, this essence wants to help fast track your karmic super-highway, so be prepared to let go of fears, doubts, perceptions that no longer serve you, and perhaps even people who aren't serving you to be the best expression of your true self. However the outcome is worth the process and it can assist you along the way with it's protective and stabilising frequency.

  • Directions:

    Take 5 drops under the tongue, or in a small glass of pure water, two times a day.

    A dosage bottle of 30ml contains roughly 600 drops of essence which will last approximately 2 months.


    If a child will not take this by mouth it can be rubbed gently or sprayed onto the Fontanel (soft area on the crown of the skull) or behind the ears.


    Keep away from heat and light. Use within 3months of purchasing. 

    All essences are made to order using pure water and an alcohol stabiliser. It is a very diluted mix. I do not use vinegar as a stabiliser because I have found that it does not keep the remedy well and taints the smell and taste of the essence unfavourably. If you wish to dilute the taste of your essence, you can pop your dose into a blend of tea or a fresh juice.

  • Ingredients:

    Essences are made using Grail Haven Pure Spring Water, Purified Water and less than 1⁄5  vodka alcohol in a dosage bottle.

  • What are Crystal Essences?

    Essences are the infusion of energy from plants, flowers, rocks, minerals, places and spaces.  Everything in our environment, both seen and unseen, is in constant motion and emitting a frequency which we pick up as subtle messages. By infusing these messages in pure water we can use them for emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual healing and balancing. There are recordings of virtually every society on the planet using Essence Therapy in various forms for healing and well-being. While we may not live as close to nature as we once did, picking up these messages from our environment as a matter of daily life; we can still harness this natural progressive therapy via the use of Essences. 


    Vibrational Essences offer a unique healing solution for those who are unable or unwilling to take pharmaceutical treatments, and, they offer a unique opportunity to combine pharmaceutical medication with an alternative treatment without side effects. They are made of pure spring water and grape brandy...a small amount to stabilise the water.


    Magic Earth Mumma's Essence Remedies are made using Grail Haven Pure Spring Water, sourced from underground streams on Mount Tamborine in the Gold Coast Hinterland, Queensland. This high vibrational water runs over crystal beds located deep underground in the volcanic plateau and has the most sparkling energy signature. I feel it is some of the highest quality water I've ever tasted and used for essence therapy, and it's what sets MEM's products apart from others.


    I make the Crystal Essences using the energy of the Full Moon over the three nights of Waxing, Full and Waning. The decanted essence is then amplified using a ring of stones over a complete lunar cycle. Each step of creating the Crystal Essence is accompanied with Reiki / Energy Meditation sessions.


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