Tea Tree - Certified Organic Essential Oil

Tea Tree - Certified Organic Essential Oil



Botanical Name: Malelueca alternifolia

Steam distilled from leaves and twigs

Colourless, with a pungent, fresh, herbaceous-resinous note


Tea Tree has been used in Australia before European settlement by native Aboriginal people and is commonly used for its anti-bacterial, antiviral, antifungal and anti-parasitic abilities. It has been found to be excellent for clearing the Mind and uplifting the spirit as well as a kind of ‘cure-all’ that encourages and fortifies the immune system response and promotes healing on many levels.


Clinical properties – antibacterial, antibiotic, antiviral, anti-parasitic, antiseptic, antifungal, deodorizing, purifying, wound healing, expectorant, insecticide, stimulating and sudorific (sweat inducing).


Blends well with: Lemon, eucalyptus, cinnamon, clary sage, clove, geranium, lavender, myrrh, nutmeg, rosewood, rosemary and thyme.


Always do a Patch Test before use topically as everyone is different and will react uniquely to any product (natural or synthetic).

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  • How to Use:

    This oil is a high anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-parasitic and anti-septic…meaning that it will just about get rid of anything nasty that you want it to. Especially useful for cleansing, a weak dilution (approximately 3 to 5 ml per 100ml of water) can be applied to skin for all kinds of wounds, grazes, bites, and stings or similar. Because of its solubility this oil is super versatile for ‘outdoor’ lifestyles, making it an option for use as a washing up liquid alternative, a shower gel alternative, and bath soap alternative. Simply dilute 1ml in 1 or 2 L of water to make a suitable washing solution.

    Useful as a skincare astringent for problematic skin, this oil can be applied neat to a pimple head with a cotton tip to dry up pus and expedite healing. As an antibacterial wash, dilute 3ml in 100ml of water and apply with a cotton ball or clean cloth. As an additive for hormonal skin, add 1 drop to approximately 10ml of your organic and gentle facial moisturizer (or carrier oil) for large area application…eg: face, neck, shoulders, chest; where outbreaks can occur.

    For tick removal apply one drop neat to the tick’s back and wait for the claws to retract. Remove with a pair of good tweezers and apply a diluted amount of Tea Tree to the area. Observe and re-apply Tea Tree dilution as needed.

    For genital yeast infections, add 3ml to a 3L sitz bath (luke-warm water) and soak for around 5minutes. Do not rinse the skin. Air dry and dress in loose clothing. Repeat up to 4 times a day. Use this concoction for all kinds of yeast infections on the body (armpits, groin, behind the kneecaps, in-between toes, buttocks/thighs) by applying the directed solution to a clean cotton cloth and applying as a compress would be applied.

    For Tinea and related fungal infections, a spray can be made using 10ml of essential oil with 100ml of pure water. Spray the feet and the shoes and leave to air dry. Sunlight is also *highly* helpful to kill fungal infections. Add 1ml to the rinse cycle of your wash to eradicate fungal residues.

    Sinusitis / Allergic Rhinitis / Hayfever and continued or chronic respiratory illnesses - Add 1ml to 100ml of pure water in an atomizer and spray in front of the face with your eyes shut, breathing in deeply of the water droplets. Repeat up to 5 times. Rinse face and pat gently dry. Kills sinusitis and lung weakness caused by fungal infection. (the other ‘hard hitter’ oil for this is Oregano – Origanum vulgaris not the culinary oregano, but its cost is often prohibitive so Tea Tree makes an excellent alternative)

  • Samples:

    Sample bottles are approximately 3ml of oil in an amber glass bottle with dropper cap closure. They can be used to refill the 2ml bottles in the MINIS COLLECTION.

    Sample solid balms are presented on a square of glassine paper in a glassine envelope with seal. They should be kept away from heat and light and used within a few weeks of receiving as they are not in an airtight container.


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