Carnauba Wax Certified Organic Botanical

Carnauba Wax Certified Organic Botanical


A vegan botanical wax called 'Carnauba' is made from the the leaves of the Copernica Cerifera palm tree native to Brazil. They call it the 'Tree of Life' because it is used in so many applications for natural remedies.

This is a Australian Certified Organic wax.


It's a great natural wax for use in any kind of home-made recipe for cosmetics, balms, salves, lotions and emulsions. You only need to use a tiny amount to thicken any oil blend and it helps to make a water-free cream when combined with a botanical wax like Cacao Butter (available here), Shea Butter or Mango Butter.


I will be putting together a small booklet with recipes, but a general suggestion is to use your Carnauba as only half a percent (0.5%) or more of your entire blend because it is so effective and will solidify a mixture easily.


If you find you need a more solid mixture, simply warm your blend, melt a tiny bit more Carnauba and add blend your warm balm with it. Allow it to cool and check the consistency. Repeat this process until you get the desired consistency. Always add a melted balm into the the pot you've melted the Carnauba in because the wax will harden as soon as you take it off the heat and you won't be able to blend it with your previous balm.


Simple projects with Carnauba include making your own lip balms, aromatic salves and muscle rubs, water-free creams and even hair-styling wax.


    Sold in ziplock pouches of approximately 10 - 11g each.

    ** batches may vary from pellets to shaved wax or granules **


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