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Scent profile: Green, Fougere (fern-like), Water, Fresh

Materials: In-house prepared 'Green' Accord, Vanilla, Labdanum, Citrus, Buddhawood, Chinese Cedarwood, Rose, Fennel, Vetiver.

Evokes: The scent of deep green places and warm skin cooled by raindrops.

Green fern, earthy floral, fresh water

Energy Signature: Water—Crown Chakra

Mind’s Eye: Lush, green foliage, newly wet with water freed from a cloud.

Masculine / Unisex

Earthbound watery heaven - wear it to attract wayfinders, daydreamers and stargazers

Made with botanical essences of Tomato Leaf and Blossom (faith in the future, travel, eternal life force) and Vanilla Orchid (comfort, assistance, companionship), with Aquamarine Crystal Essence to enhance communication and heart-mind energy.


Each perfume is presented with information cards. Large bottles are packaged in a medium-weight calico drawstring gift bag. Smaller bottles are presented in card pillow packs. In each case I take particular care to ensure your perfume is 'gift ready'. If you require a gift card sent with your perfume please leave me a message at checkout.

Rain Liquid Perfume EDP

  • As this product contains alcohol it is shipped by road courier delivery and because of 'dangerous goods' delivery stipulations, is only available to be delivered to addresses on the Australian mainland. (I am looking for solutions to this ...).


    Please choose the Local Courier option from the drop down menu at Checkout that begins with 'Shipping' (Standard Flat Rate).

    Cost is $20 and can accomodate up to 1kg of orders, so most orders can have all purchases sent in the one parcel with your Eau de Parfum.


Naturally Cruelty-free

Committed to Clean Beauty

No excess packaging

Soapfree Skincare Specialist

Magic Earth Mumma is an Australian owned and operated business,

using ethically produced ingredients that are completely natural and organic.

Need it quickly?

EXPRESS POST AUSTRALIA available from only $13.00.

Carbon Neutral Delivery

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