Combining the aromatic properties of essential oils with the purest spring water, botanical extracts and energetically charged Crystal and Flower Essences, your Hydrating Essence Mist can be used as an intense burst of refreshment and skin food, to an emotional life-ring where and when needed. 


Woven with plant based magic and energetic intentions, Magic Earth Mumma’s Essence Mists are something very special. UPLIFT clarifies and balances skin tone, revitalizes the mind and elevates the emotions.

•    Mandarin has a bright and radiant aromatic that instantly lifts the emotions and fills the heart with joy. Its sweet citrus-floral is a depression buster. 
•    Coriander has a revitalising quality and is used to combat nervous exhaustion, helping us to 'get back to the top' and overcome challenges. 
•    Certified Organic Neroli Hydrosol is used to infuse the mist with pure sunshine and it excellent for congested or lackluster skin as it brightens and refreshes the complexion and the mind. Used in precious perfumery, Neroli is made from the blossom of the Seville Orange Tree. Its unique floral beauty is ‘transportive’. 
•    MEM's in-house botanical Cornflower Petal Tincture delivers anti-inflammatory assistance in a micro-fine spray. Cornflowers are a symbol of the goddess Flora and the Centaur Chiron, who taught humans about how to use herbs to heal. The botanical name is 'Centaurea cyanus' meaning 'blue Centaur'.
•    Bach Flower Essences of 'Mustard'  & 'Hornbeam' reduce emotional stress and tension related to 'everyday happenings' and repetition of experiences. Together they help to establish more enthusiasm for endeavours and assist to promote feelings of vivacity and passion for life.
•    Works with the Crown, Throat and Sacral Chakras.

Uplift Botanic Essence Mist

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  • Purified Water, Neroli Hydrosol, *Cornflower Petal Tincture, *Mandarin (Citrus reticulata), Coriander (Coriandrum sativum), *Botanical Glycerine, ‘Hornbeam’ & ‘Mustard’ Bach Flower Essences. *Certified Organic Ingredient.

    Store away from heat and light.



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