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Holistic Feng Shui Assessment Report

The Holistic Feng Shui Assessment - what it is...

The HFSA explores the potentials and challenges your property brings, and is based upon the building's construction date. It uses authentic Flying Stars Feng Shui techniques of chart interpretation and can assist anyone at any stage of life. It's particularly important if you are seeking foresight when approaching a big event in life; renovation, retirement, change of address, building a home, leaving a relationship, starting a relationship, birth, or a significant health issue.


The Report uses interpretations of Ming Gua (Birth Number) in relation to each Annual Influence and where it is manifesting on the Bagua. It can provide insight into potential for career strategies, areas where attention is needed, alerting you to potential health issues, relationships navigation, or give you foresight into planning events and activities for the year. 


Associations of your Birth Number, obtained with information of your birth date, time and country, can assist with explaining (and exploring) physiological and mental/emotional strengths and weaknesses in relation to your predisposed health/constitution, home/house and the landscape you live in.


This report gives you this information at your fingertips for the rest of your life and will be pertinent regardless of where you live. Best of all you can take your time, implement what you can when you can, and revisit the information as and when you have time to. 

If you have been looking for Feng Shui that makes sense in the modern world then the simplicity of Direction Energy mapping and Optimum Placement will delight you. Yes, it's all based on complex charting and interpretation, but I'll be doing that for you.

What you receive is streamlined and easy to follow. 


The Holistic Feng Shui Assessment is an extensive analysis of your property with detailed interpretation of each sector and the energy combinations occurring there.

This is a comprehensive report that collates a vast amount of information about your property, your building, the occupant (you) and the current galactic influences, into an easy to follow report, outlining priorities to implement at your own pace.


It includes interpretation of the potentials for all the Life Aspects as per the Bagua (Directional Energy Map) and the Annual Influences (Yearly Energies):


  • wealth opportunities

  • health issues and/or strategies for improvement

  • family dynamics

  • romance & growth

  • reputation & perspectives on society and self

  • personal development

  • self improvement via knowledge and contemplation

  • career, life purpose - vocational awareness

  • sense of stability and security


The report takes approximately 14 to 21 days to collate after I have receive the information from the Client Information Sheet.


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Payment plans available.

Feng Shui is often referred to as 'Geomancy' or 'earthmagic'... I started learning Holistic Feng Shui in 2007 (!) and loved how we can weave our awareness, connections and perceptions into this ancient study of Time and Space. Let's face it... the common exclamation when things go sideways is "Why! why Here, why Now?!" (or conversely "Why Now, why Here?!"). Isn't it incredible that there is a study of exactly that question? 😁
Flying Stars Feng Shui is the foundational theory of cultural Feng Shui, so it can be accessed by anyone regardless of cultural heritage or exposure and experience.

Have you ever repurposed a room or space, changed the furniture or decor and then suddenly had 'things happen'?
Whether they've been 'good' or 'bad', the influences of Directional Energy and objects in our home produced those outcomes, along with your potent Human Qi.
Essentially humans are powerful forces in our own right, but when you harness that with Optimal Placement and link that with the knowledge of Direction Energy flow, then wow,...'things happen'!

All your questions are valid so please use this Contact Link and have a chat with me about how Holistic Feng Shui can work for you to create more harmony, more success, more peace of mind and the advantage of deeply connecting with the spaces that support you.

"I'm a distance student who purchased your Module 3 advance charting & interpretations to supplement my feng shui knowledge of Flying Stars a few years ago. I found your work to be fascinating, rewarding and easy to understand. "

J. R. - Miami, Florida

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