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Transform your skin.

The Metamorphosis range from MEM combines transformational ingredients that create the perfect conditions for rapid cellular regeneration, detoxification and renewal. Enjoy the journey through 'the fluid state' of regeneration with these water-inspired products suitable for everyone.

Beauty Model

The myth of having a 'skin type' is confusing for so many reasons. We are always evolving, moving through phases of growth. 


Physical, emotional, and lifestyle changes can present skin challenges, and that's where you need skincare and personal care that will support you through those times.


 The Metamorphosis range has been developed to assist during times of change and into times of balance too. Soothing, healing, hydrating and nourishing ingredients, that work for anyone at any age, gender or skin issue situation.

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Discover Metamorphosis

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Cocoon Cleansing Masque - a masque of repair and rejuvenation.

A versatile masque cleanser combining the magic of Tremella mushroom, ultra-mild Australian Kaolin Clay, Cucumber Oil, Green Tea, Honey, Silver and Spirulina. When removed, it reveals skin that's new, bright and ready to begin again.

Cleanser  | Detox Masque  |  Spot Treatment

Available in a Skincare Set and trial sizes

Coming soon...

Water Light Cologne Body Mist
Fresh, cool, crisp and enlivening, the scent of citrus and water combine for the benefit of all your senses. Calming and invigorating, it’s like the plunge that becomes buoyancy. The effect of anti-gravity to reset and recalibrate the physical-mental-emotional matrix. A blend of soft citrus, blossom and botanical musk essences in diluted cologne base designed to create a sublime scent trail for hours. 
Enhanced with Herkimer Diamond Crystal Elixir for powerful support and amplification of spirit.

Catalyst BodyWash Emulsion - a cleanser to embrace change

Softly cleansing with Aloe Vera Gel, Safflower Oil, Cucumber and Green Tea Extracts, this milky emulsion has a low lather and the gentlest ingredients suitable for everyday use. Scented lightly with upliftingly fresh Himalayan Cedarwood essential oil dilution, it efficiently removes everyday pollutants without stripping your skin's natural and necessary barrier oils.

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