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Treatment of Menopausal symptoms and general hormonal fluctuations using Plant Therapy

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The female body is amazing regardless of age

When you think of it, women are amazing 😏

We start bleeding at around 12 to 13, and this little 'pain machine' we have built into our bodies, cranks on till we're about 50 ish. Women see more blood by their16th or 17th birthday than most men will see in their entire lives. We're like, totally badass right?... ✌🏼 And yet this vital component of our health and wellbeing is often the cause of so much distress and imbalance, prejudice and worry, disrespect, dismissal, resentment, intervention and misunderstanding. And now we have early onset menopause, also vastly misunderstood, misdiagnosed or simply ignored. Let's stop that right now.

Menopause/Peri-menopause has become an increasingly (and somewhat alarmingly) early onset syndrome for the modern woman, and is occurring as early as late 30's and mid 40’s. I have been reading and watching medical research into this expanding phenomena for a couple of decades. Most research indicates that early onset of menopause is directly related to modern lifestyle; birth control medication, external and internal pollution, processed foods (= low vitamin density), municipal water supply and a widespread use of pharmaceuticals for minor and common ailments that could be treated with alternative, low-tox techniques. Toxins, collectively, over a long period of time, generate a truckload of distress in a human body, and in a female body they wreak havoc on our hormonal processes that operate monthly, in four stages.

For perspective, in the recent past (ie: less than 100 years ago) regardless of race, culture or community, women would generally not exhibit menopausal symptoms until the mid to late 40’s. It would have been completely normal to be having last pregnancies in the early to mid 50’s. While there is a lot to unpack about the control of female fertility, choices, suppression, oppression and more (!) in that last sentence, the issue at hand is reproductive health as part of holistic health, where women are supported to create the optimum biome for a healthy menstrual cycle that supports their overall hormonal requirements.

Symptoms like hot flashes (intense dermal and subdermal heating), headaches, confusion, depression, weight gain, hair loss, skin conditions and irregular menstruation, can all be associated with a high level of toxins in the direct environment and direct dietary intake. There is the (obvious) case for genetic sympathies making everyone’s case unique, in many cases there is no need for drastic medical action before lifestyle changes and subtle therapies are explored as an alternative to toxic hormonal injections and invasive surgery.

Largely my emphasis is and always will be on preventative actions to promote optimum health. It is much better to avoid complications than to fix the issues arising from toxin intake.

It is always going to be better for a patient to be treated with respect, sympathy and honesty, with the intention for long-term good health, instead of promising a quick-fix in a pill, injection, invasive surgery,... or simply telling them that "this is how it is now, you're aging".

Being told that 'you're done' in your 30's or 40's is hideous, in my opinion, given that I know extremely vital, vibrant and valuable women in their late 40's, 50's and 60's who have found what works for them and are living life to the full.

With that in mind, here are some of the natural techniques for re-balancing the hormones and re-calibrating the metabolism that include a holistic approach utilizing plant therapies (herbal remedies, plant essences, essential oils), dietary improvements, massage and acupressure.

Essential Oils

Combined with massage and meditation techniques, the use of diluted essential oils, infusions and macerations, bring about physical, emotional and mental relief from pre-menopausal symptoms.

Clary Sage - a uterine stimulant, it can help to regulate healthy bleeding and the natural detox of the uterus and female gonads. As a dilution in a simple massage oil used daily, it can be applied as a gentle rub after each shower on the abdomen and feet.

Rosemary - a circulatory system stimulant, it can assist with sluggish blood flow and increase alertness. (do not use if you are currently suffering with high blood pressure or similar - seek relaxation techniques first and use Lavender to calm energy levels) Use as a dilution in massage oil on the abdomen and feet, and/or in a vapouriser/diffuser each morning.

Peppermint - a cooling and pain relieving oil (analgesic) to provide relief from hot flashes and menstrual cramping. Apply as a dilution (with Clary Sage & Rosemary is great) massage oil to the abdomen and sacral spine area including the hips to relieve discomfort from pre-menstrual tension and menstrual cramps. Apply in a dilution mist to the skin after showering. Apply one drop neat to the pulse points at the wrists, behind the ears, back of the neck, temples and top of the head to promote cooling. Breathe in deeply to assist with alertness and centering the energy of the body.

Geranium - the all-purpose balancer for skin, hormones, emotions and energy. This is a strong floral and herbaceous aromatherapy tool that can be used in small amounts as a pleasant and effective additive to all massage oils and pulse point blends. Apply to the soles of the feet and tops of the feet as a nightly ritual to restore balance.

Grapefruit - an uplifting oil to dispel negativity and promote brightness of mental, emotional, psychological outlook. Banishes depression and has a sweet, floral citrus note that is like a ray of sunshine. Vapourise or diffuse a few drops each day to set up a great mental framework. Apply as a dilution massage oil to the abdomen, hips, buttocks and thighs to help drag toxins out of the dermis and subdermal layers. (depurative) Massage those areas vigorously after showering and wear loose clothing.

Other Oils - Neroli and Rose are also selected for their high vibrational energy and ability to lift the spirit.

Plant Essences

Bach Flower Essences by Magic Earth Mumma – (available as a Custom Order), a blend containing Bach Flower Essences to assist with all forms of travel in Life.

Scleranthus improves focus, concentration, balance, rhythm, precision and flexibility.

Star of Bethlehem reduces the impact of all forms of shock.

Walnut protects by improving the control of our personal boundaries and therefore increases the strength of our Aura. A magnificent protective essence enabling us to be immune to outside forces. Clematis improves perception and concentration, while increasing our awareness of all our senses, including our 'sense of Purpose'. Impatiens improves our ability to empathise and be gentle. It increases alertness, independent thinking and patience.

Other essences, depending on your situation, may be suggested. It's always a good idea to consult with a therapist to see what you may need for your specific desired outcomes.

Herbal Helpers

Fresh and dried herbs have been the primary medicine for women for millennia, because they work. Every culture on Earth has specific herbs for balancing menstrual cycles. A few suggestions to try ...

Yarrow (Milfoil) is used primarily as a women's herb because it can help with irregular menstruation during any time of life. Use it daily for any time when regular functions of the reproductive organs become inconsistent, painful or absent. It can assist with congestion, headaches, running nose, weeping eyes and other symptoms put down to 'hayfever' too.


Chamomile is the cure-all due to it's ability to soothe digestion, relieve pain from inflammation and provide a sedative effect on the nervous system.


Peppermint is able to reduce fever and inflammation and provide a calming and soothing effect to the body (digestive and nervous system) and emotions. It's also delicious and can help to smooth out the taste of a bitter herb concoction.


(Yarrow, Chamomile and Peppermint are part of the 'Bliss & Flow' blend from Magic Earth Mumma)

Other popular herbals for hormonal help:

Black Cohosh is a traditional treatment for menopausal, pre/peri-menopausal and menstrual issues.

Chasteberry (Vitex) is also a traditional treatment that has received a lot of attention and clinical trials to verify its ability to balance hormones and assist in reducing menopausal symptoms.

Maca is used to give more energy, balance hormones and provide an intense nutritional hit. Use it with Ginseng if desired, to make a powerful metabolic stimulant drink along with raw Cacao.

Dietary Considerations/Improvements

Less - red meat, alcohol, soda/sugar drinks, sugar, processed foods (including bread and pastries etc). More - cold pressed oils high in fatty acids (eg: olive oil, flaxseed oil, macadamia oil, coconut oil, hempseed oil), sulphurous veges (radish, rocket, cabbage), plant food choices in general, clean water (not tap water unless well filtered).

Gentle transitions from the foods we may have thought are nutritious or have a nostalgic touch to them (pasta that your Mum used to make, home-made hamburgers that Dad loved to indulge in, etc...) are sometimes harder to disengage from than the quick-fix convenience foods. I encourage you to go slowly. One or two things each month and to use a food diary to show you how much you have achieved each day, week, month or season. It's personal accountability, or make it stick with a 'lifestyle' buddy of your choice. Someone who is respectful, but will also call you out on any bs you may have to offer as excuses ;) I'm sure all of us have one or two friends like that right?

If you are sorely in need of direction I would suggest looking at some online resources for easy transition recipes that are delicious, purifying and satisfying.

Using a combination of methods alongside environmental changes can make the best and most effective treatments. Seek professional healthcare advice if symptoms persist or become acute.

Nette Tibbs

Senior Holistic Feng Shui Practitioner, Reiki II Practitioner, Bach Flower Therapist, Holistic Health Therapist, Plant Therapy Practitioner.

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