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Find your true complexion, with botanical magic.

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Veritas is latin for 'truth'. With this formulation I wanted those people who wanted to go make up free to find a product that helped their complexion glow with health and vitality; that allowed them to show their true self with confidence and comfort. I also wanted it to be a suitable all rounder for all kinds of skin conditions. And so VERITAS was formed...a super-serum to use on eyes, face and décolletage, to restore suppleness and strength, improve tone and complexion balance.

Whew! that's a tall order right?

Everything in here had to be working at optimal capacity... it had to be an ALL active ingredients formulation, absolutely no fillers.

Built with 95%+ Certified Organic Ingredients. Formulated from nearly two years of trials, this is part of MEM's 'Enviro|Suncare' collection that targets the protection and repair from pollution, sun, wind, water other UV exposure from our increasing use of screen devices.

What's inside...

Camellia Seed Oil - absorbs deeply into the dermis and leaves a non-greasy feel. It delivers fatty acids and antioxidants on a cellular level, promoting strong support and restoring elasticity. With this as the determined 'carrier oil' of the whole recipe you can tell it's going to be a beautiful product.

Pomegranate Seed Oil - uniquely contains Omega 5 and punicic acid that are strong anti-inflammatory in action. Provides a sweet, fruity aromatic. Stimulates cell production and protection of the outer layers of skin and provides protection against sun damage. It also penetrates deeply into the dermis, channelling nourishment directly to stimulate cell renewal by promoting collagen production, which everyone over the age of about 25 requires a little help with.

Pumpkin Seed Oil - a little goes a long way to basically 'build up the skin layer', plumping it to firm up skin tone and reduce fine lines and creases (yes please). Rich in fatty acids and therefore anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

Carrot Seed Oil - among other fabulousness, this oil balances the production of oils in the skin, so it's GREAT for all skin types. Rich in Vitamins C and E, so it's antioxidant and anti-inflammatory with a firming and toning action that basically revitalises the complexion with just the tiniest of amounts in any blend.

Coffee Bean Oil - I love this stuff as it also helps to build collagen and elastin production and is naturally high in caffeine to tone and naturally brighten the complexion.

Essential Oil trio of Roman Chamomile (calming), Rose (super hydrating) and Helichrysum italicum (ultra-healing) which are also beautiful aromatics to soothe the emotions and lift the Mind.

Rosemary Extract improves blood flow to and through the dermis, is anti-inflammatory and increases the shelf life of these vital plant based ingredients.

Using the essential oil quotient in a small amount means that the possibility of reactions is very low, yet these oils are only required in low amounts to do great work.

Find out more about Veritas' ingredients here.

It wouldn't be complete without being infused with Selenite Crystal to impart glamour and serenity. A gorgeous self-care frequency that sat perfectly with the vibe of this serum. As a concentrated formulation, you only use a small amount on clean damp or wet skin and massage in with fingertips or use your Gua Sha tool to work the product deep into the dermis.

Labelling will be changing very slightly in the near future as the re-brand continues to roll out; but the formulation remains the same, and as it is packaged in the opal-white opaque glass with gold lid you'll easily tell it apart from your other Facial Oils ;)



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