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Eco-conscious, Eco-luxe and Eco-aware

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

I sometimes forget to mention about why MEM's packaging isn't bling. I keep it simple to reduce waste. I question why we need a box for a product that is already in a robust bottle, jar or tub with the full instructions on it? We just throw the box away. It's a consumer waste that can be so easily avoided. Inside your orders you'll find your products gently nestled into tissue paper or kraft space-filling packing. The packing boxes are new, but completely compostable (rip them up's marvelous stress management!) and the kraft paper is all recycled stock. Nicer for the earth and the trees.

If you're a wholesale client you may find that I'll pack up one parcel with recycled bubblewrap and the next with recycled kraft card or paper packing...I'll just use what I have here because I want to minimise the things I throw out. The bubblewrap you get is from suppliers parcels that I've received goods in. Of course this info is all on the website FAQ's, but hardly anyone reads all the small print right?

I also love to use unbranded packing. You can then repurpose it for your own needs with ease. The cotton gift bags are so sweet to reuse for another gift, or pop in some herbs and use them as a bath soak pouch, wardrobe scent or drawer freshener.

The news from MEM is that as of the now, the packaging of as many plastic encased products as possible will be changing over to biodegradable alternatives. This is something I've felt was very important to do for some time now, and even though the plastics I do use ARE recyclable, re-purposable or reusable, it's still not enough of a reason to continue to use them. I can find a solution to more than 50% of the applications I currently use plastic for, so why not change? Well, for starters it is a tad more expensive, or time consuming, and the extra layout up front to purchase in large quantities has to be considered. I'm also in the process of testing the carbon offset of glass over plastic.

MEM's packaging boxes are sent with twine closures instead of plastic tape. The kraft labels are printed with waterproof ink so they don't have to be laminated. Inside you'll find recyclable and or compostable packing. I'm making changes as and when I can and it feels good. Your parcels are also shipped with a Carbon Neutral system. Love that too...

It was while seeing so much about the World Ocean Day posts that it struck me... why can't we be caring for our Earth every damn day? We need 'Earth Hour', 'Earth Day', 'Ocean Day' etc to bring awareness to what we can do, however small, to make our collective impact.

I have always had a love of the sea, my 'Amour de la Mer'.

Growing up in Brisbane, Queensland, meant that my weekends were spent bayside, north coast beaches (Noosa / Maroochydore) or south coast (from the Spit at Surfers to Byron) beaches. I very much felt like I have salt water in my veins, and after high-school and a year off 'working', I launched into university studying Marine Resources Management, and took on sailing at the age of 19, completing a sailboat rescue course, then considered a career as a coast guard. That was until I did the regulation ambulance training and realised I wasn't cut out for that vocation. I admire those who do this amazing kind of work.

My love of the ocean is strong; a bond like that of a best friend, or a guardian, that looks out for my best interests, is there to support me, and set me back on track. I can't imagine living anywhere that was more than half an hour jaunt to stick my toes in, or throw my whole body in, salt water.

I feel so good about the current climate of thinking surrounding our use of plastics, which does have to get smarter and less 'one use'. I encourage you to pick up on that enthusiasm and embrace the need for change.

You'll find some beautiful alternatives to plastic in MEM's range including bamboo toothbrushes, glass jars and containers where possible, biodegradable tea packaging, bamboo spatulas for facial powders and cotton muslin cloths, and of course my own ethos of recyclable packaging for parcels.

Earth conscious, eco-luxe, green and clean, kind and gentle, useful and efficient.




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