Easing Anxiety, Improving Immunity and Preventing Illness

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

With the escalation (total saturation) of media coverage regarding the Coronavirus there's been a corresponding increase in people's anxiety over sanitation protocols to help avoid infection. In Australia we've had the ridiculous 'toilet paper debacle' to contend with as well. Seems that just the mention of Coronavirus has a side effect symptom of making people a little nutty...

So what will you do to remain calm, keep your sanity intact and your health robust?

Use natural holistic health helpers at every opportunity and avoid toxic antibacterial products. By avoiding toxic chemicals you avoid placing your body under extra detox stress, and by using natural products you give it a helping hand to do what it does best. By avoiding panic and hysteria you won't buy in to the fear regime that's affecting everyone else. Distress feeds ill-health...so don't feed the distress.

These are some of the precautions I am using and if you have any questions please contact me via the website.

  • If out in public places, wash your hands frequently with water and carry your own hand drying cloth with you. Then apply an essential oil sanitizer blend. You could choose to dilute one of the full strength Aromablends like 'Rescue', 'Bright' or 'Forest Bather', or choose a diluted blend ready for topical use like 'Abracadabra' or 'Nirvana'. I avoid soaps as they are drying and will strip the skin of its protective mantle. This can lead to micro tears which potentially become access points for bacteria and viruses. Applying a protective balm (like 'Au Naturel') will also assist you to repel airborne microbes or those found on surfaces.

  • Make a non-toxic pack of hand sanitizing wipes with a packet of tissues and a ziplock pouch. First, combine 150ml purified water and 150ml vodka plus 3ml of your chosen Aromablend. Shake or stir vigorously and fill the ziplock until the tissues are soaked (but not dripping). Zip it closed and use these as and when necessary. They will keep for approximately 4 days or longer if you store them in a cool dark place between use. NB: make smaller packs for your handbag or back pack by splitting this blend into several ziplock bags.

  • Use a Botanical Essence Mist as an air purifier as well as respiratory cleanser. I advise using 'Clarity' as it has Tea Tree and Geranium, both powerfully cleansing and sanitising agents. They are also nervous systems calmatives and will encourage your emotions to remain balanced amid distress. You may also find 'Peace' or 'Calm' useful for both emotions and sanitising.

  • Diffuse a little Lemon or Rosemary (or both) in areas where you are working. I am using 'Prosper' Aromablend to purify the air as it contains essential oils known to be antibacterial, antiviral and antimicrobial. It not only protects you, it also increases productivity as these aromas are used to elicit clarity of mind, calm the emotions, induce euphoria and stimulate blood flow to the brain. Another option is 'Burp' blend. This one is my digestive blend to be diluted in oil or food, but the antiviral properties are incredible and I absolutely love the 'lift' it gives to any space! Try it!

  • Wipe down surfaces that are used by more than one person with a dilution of something powerful like 'Fresh Pearl', Prosper', 'Rescue', 'Key Qi', 'Forest Bather', 'Buster' or 'Burp'. These are all capable cleansing agents and smell beautiful too (however, always do a surface patch test first...you don't want to accidentally damage the vanity unit). A 250ml bottle of purified water plus 30ml (two cap fulls) of vodka, plus 10 drops of one of these Aromablends, makes a suitable hand and surface sanitiser. So for the price of the spray bottle and the Aromablend, plus a little water and sacrificing some vodka for the greater good... you'll get 12 bottles of hand sanitiser. WIN! NB: the vodka is to stabilise the water component...not as a sanitising agent,... the essential oils are the antimicrobial/antiviral active ingredients in any sanitising mist or spray. (if you need or desire to use alcohol as a sanitising agent it does need to be medicinal grade pure spirit...which is far pricier than any essential oil blend).

  • Drink detoxing teas and *herbal blends that fortify your immune system. A healthy and maintained immune system is far better protection against viruses than any quick-fix-knee-jerk reactive product or pharmaceutical. I've been using 'Sweet Devi' blend as it contains Ashwagandah, Liquorice Root and Cardamom for all-over tonic support and extra help for the respiratory system.

  • Then at night I want to get the BEST sleep I can, so I switch to 'Bliss&Flow' after dinner. One small, strong shot of this at 7pm will have you feeling sleepy by 8pm. This blend contains nerve calming and sedative herbs to allow the body to prepare for sleep. When I feel tired, I rest and allow my body to unwind before even attempting to sleep. (of course, no TV/movies, no social media, no upsetting conversations...just quiet) You can use a diffuser to vapourise a sleep helper like 'Astral Traveler', 'Forest Bather', 'Abracadabra' or 'LaBelleVie', or simply dab a little onto the corners of your pillow case and inhale them as you rest and sleep.

*Sample sizes of the teas are available

We are all getting through this very odd time the best we know how. I hope you can find your way to peaceful and restorative practices that build your Qi and encourage others to do so too.




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