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While we know we need to take care of ourselves, oral health sometimes gets left behind as a 'routine' that is followed instead of another part of our well-being maintenance that deserves honour, intention and the respect we have for our nutrition, or our skincare. Green beauty doesn't end with the choice of your eco-luxe lippy...

For those of us who are right in the groove of holistic health, oral care is as important as being able to breathe well, to walk with ease, to eat and digest happily. It's all connected. Once I began to remove toxins from my home, my diet, my personal care products, my skincare, my cosmetics...well, you see a pattern right? I was looking at oral health as the starting point for my digestive health, or 'a starting point' at least. As everything that I ingest goes into my mouth then the hygiene of my mouth is important. You can tell a lot about your internal health by assessing the tongue, teeth, gums etc. The products I choose to maintain it with and how I assess the health of my teeth and gums is also as important, and being told to use toxins inside my mouth became an irritation and the impetus for me to research more.

After much reading and experimentation, I formulated a simple tooth and gum oil blend with a host of essential oils that promote great oral hygiene, strong teeth, healthy gums and fresh breath.

So if you've been suffering with common oral health issues like:

  • Gum Disease / Gingivitis - red, swollen, bleeding gums

  • Cavities / Tooth Decay - cracks, fissures, holes and infections

  • Halitosis / Bad Breath - white film on tongue, cheeks and/or lips, with a yeasty, decay-like smell

  • Receding Gums - the skin of the gum creeping up from the top of the tooth leaving the ridge that is usually covered by the marginal gingiva exposed and vulnerable to infection.

...then this blend can help with ALL of these situations.

FRESH PEARL is a blend of Peppermint, Frankincense, Cinnamon Bark, Clove Bud, Tea Tree and Myrrh essential oils in a carrier of Jojoba Oil. Because all of these essential oils are powerful antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic agents it was necessary to present this as a diluted product. Essential oils like these have been used in oral and digestive health for thousands of years. This blend was then used to formulate my oral care powders; daily care/stain remover MOTHER O PEARL and the tooth brightener/stain remover BLACK PEARL.

How to get the most out of your FRESH PEARL:

  • Use a few drops in warm water as a mouthwash everyday after brushing. Use it everyday to promote fresh breath and healthy oral hygiene.

  • Use a drop in a dish with a teaspoon of coconut oil to dab your floss into before use.

  • Sanitise your toothbrush with one drop straight onto the bristles and leave for 5 mins before rinsing off.

  • Place a drop onto a cotton tip to apply to ulcers or infected gums - alternatively...

  • Use a drop in a dish with one teaspoon of coconut oil to clean and treat inflamed gums. This treatment can be used to manage the cleanliness of the sulcus and marginal gingiva, the area between the tooth and the gum where infections can begin from plaque build up. Lightly swipe this area with a cotton tip soaked in the Fresh Pearl and coconut oil blend. Leave on and allow to absorb.

  • Scrub your tongue gently with any left over mix in the dish (helps to treat yeast infections and bad breath)

  • Use one drop onto a cleansing cloth to clean and sanitise surfaces (do a Patch Test first to make sure you don't damage a surface but most ceramic vanity units will be fine)

I took this blend on holiday years ago and found it helps as a general deodoriser for rooms where artificial cleansers had been used. Misting or vapourising it helps to present a 'clean and calm' layer of energy and eliminate unpleasant odours. One drop in a flushed toilet bowl helps to remove unwelcome whiff from an ensuite and placing a drop or two in a shower recess with the water on 'hot' will sanitise the tiles before you use it. Remember to rinse it away thoroughly with hot water before stepping in as you wouldn't want to slip over!

Oral care can be so easy with the base of one product. If you are switching over from mainstream products, MEM has a selection of sample sizes so you can try it out and ask questions while you evaluate your improvement. Try out an all natural approach to dental care with the Gift Set here in trial size or full size Changeover. At 10% discount, Gift Sets are always on sale and make a great value gift to yourself or someone else.

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