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Quirkier Perfumery - the making of real scent

Scent is a primal receptor. The neurological reasons hark back to a time when we relied upon our nose to keep us safe, whether that was 'scentsing' a predator's odour, or choosing a food that was ripe or fresh. It's no wonder at all that in this day and age we live in of fake smells and 'cloaking' aromas, that people are fundamentally more anxious than ever. I feel it's because we aren't using the most powerful tool we have - our intuition, which is a collected non-measurable sense from the complex matrix of our five measurable senses. To me, the opportunity to connect back into | sight | touch | taste | smell | sound | has been the healing process I personally required.

Therapy was great, but Aromatherapy was more successful in the long term, because for me, it triggered a resurgence of my understanding of Being. Being 'who I am'. Once I had enjoyed years of exploring single and combination scents using essential oils I realised that this is something I dream about, then wake up and 'do'. So I began to make more complex blends; perfumes. One of the first perfumes I created was Quirky. Aptly named because I didn't follow any 'rules' to make it. I just followed my nose.

And then, I thought, "What if I can produce a 'real perfume' like eau de parfum?"...the idea was a bit out there because perfumers are a secretive bunch and I knew the answer or tutoring I needed wasn't going to fall into my lap. So I began cyber-stalking the uber-natural perfumers I could find and became an adept 'lurker' on perfumers' forums.

It suited me at the time as I was on Mummy duties with an infant who never slept... perfect opportunity for binge research. With a lot of experimentation, and so. many. fails... I found the answers I needed. Of course the first EDP (alcohol based perfume) I was going to make would be using the extrait (perfume base blend - no carrier oil) of Quirky... and so Quirkier was born.

Quirkier is an Eau de Parfum that refuses to get pigeonholed. I think it's the Aquarian voltage I exist on that makes me resistant to being told I am anything at all... other than continually evolving . This perfume was made with that frequency; from a place of exploring a new concept of putting scent together ... literally following my emotions via ribbons of fragrance.

Real natural perfumes from Magic Earth Mumma are #naturallycrueltyfree #veganhappy . Each perfume batch can take up to a year to create and they are laced with plant and flower essences, to gift the connections they offer. This just seemed like a completely natural thing to do seeing as I have been working with flower, plant, crystal | gemstone essences for of course an eau de parfum would benefit from their frequency too.

For one of my newest perfumes, Delirium, I began with an old scent memory. It took me 'back'...became 'transportive'. It's in the style of Guerlain's 'Opium', but nowhere near as overpowering. I'm tickled that one of my customers put it together because I used to wear Opium in my late teens and early 20's...until the reactions got so severe I couldn't wear any perfume at all,...much like the person who purchased the Delirium Balm. I suggested a solid perfume balm because when you're getting back into wearing perfume after years of abstinence, it can be overpowering, even the gentler perfume oils can be cloying at a balm offers you the option of a dilution that has longevity. A clever option for sensitive souls with sensitive skin.

It's upsetting to remove something pleasurable from your routine and perfume is very much a part of who I am, and how I set up my 'day'.
It helps to balance or uplift my emotions.
Creates a mindset.
Helps to embed memories of special occasions.

When you begin with real perfumery you are introduced to the base perfume building blocks like 'absolutes' and essential oils, gums, resins, granulated resin crystals, powders etc, and something called 'concretes', which are extracts of botanical matter that have to be processed by infusions or maceration to be used. When considering how many creative hours go into producing the base ingredients it's no wonder that high quality, real-natural perfumery costs as much as it does.

When I was in my teens we had two choices when it came to perfume; department store labels, or something I couldn't afford. So when I started to earn my own money I treated myself to a few of the perfumes I'd only ever seen on a glass shelf...'way up high'. That was the introduction to some beautiful scents and a ritual of selection I enjoyed for some time. But over time even the high class label perfumes changed. Something happened to their construction and I noticed it. They got insanely cheaper in price too... Instead of enjoying the perfumes I selected, they became something that worried me. Long story short, I developed multiple reactions that made it impossible to wear these kind of fragrances.

Frankly, I hated not being able to wear a 'special' perfume for years. So if this is where you are now, and you hate it too, don't despair. If you haven't been able to wear mainstream perfume for some time there's an alternative that will bring you all the joy and happiness you remember.

Choose synthetic-free botanical perfumery. There are more and more creatives making perfume with the traditional method of accords (scent groups and blends with anything from 3 to 100 or more ingredients). I don't use 'isolates', not because I think they aren't natural, it's just that they are so strong and cloying that they remind me of mainstream perfumery, and it is inhibiting me from enjoying them. So I use whole oils, absolutes and CO2 extractions. I find this brings in a subtle, 'complete' energy signature, and I can tap into frequency messages of place and time, which I can't do with isolates. I'd compare it to clear mobile reception conversations verses staccato, partially received bursts of speech while in a tunnel... yes, it's that irritating for me.

I blend and age my own botanical macerations, tinctures and essences. Everything is made from scratch so I can assure you it is 100% purely botanical natural. I hope you can enjoy some samples from the Perfume available on the website and get a little more in depth with your 'aroma-therapy' exploration.




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