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The Hydration Equation...

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

What does it take to get and maintain soft, supple, dewy nourished skin?

Hydration is more than just caring for your skin. Proper water regulation in the body helps ALL our functions work smoothly, from our mental capacity and agility, our muscles and physical co-ordination, all the way to our emotional state of mind. It's the cascade effect in beneficial form. Heat, humidity, sun exposure and over-exertion all lead to dehydration, and it can happen indoors too. So while I'm always going to encourage you to choose safe suncare formulations for your skin, I'm also wanting to remind you that you are more than just the skin you're beautiful thing you...😘

Firstly, hydration systemically and topically is your key to feeling alert, nourished and gorgeous! Choose some healthy hydrophilic behaviours and watch your skin, emotions and mental clarity improve and balance. What do I mean?

HYDRO (water) PHILIC (loving)
Tea + Mist + Oil + Barrier (lotion or balm) = happy hydrated human's a 'hydration equation'

Flavour your water with clarifying and cooling herbs. This encourages you to imbibe with benefits. Fresh breath, clearer skin, happier digestion. There is no downside.

Mist before moisturising and whenever you need to refresh. This is the 'gamechanger' (yes, that overused term...) for anyone who has been struggling with oilier skin during warm weather. MEM's Botanical Mists contain purified water, hydrosols (the water that runs off from essential oil distillation, so it's extremely pure but gentle) with plant and crystal essences to layer up the vibrational frequency. They are helpful in restoring the acid mantle, or simply balancing it, to encourage a healthy and regulated production of body oil (sebum).

Use a compatible oil under your Enviro Care balm or lotion. I encourage the use of Oh My Greeness, AngelWings, Anahata, Veritas or Shimmer... (or one of the Carrier Oils you can purchase from the Ingredients and Packaging page). This improves the application of your sun protection and maintains a dewier complexion all day long.

Get in touch with any questions you may have about putting together the right combinations for you using the Contact page, or book a Selfcare Your Way consultation for a more in depth discussion about your needs right now and the outcomes you want for skin, health and happiness.


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