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We all have more than one skin type, here's why...

Leaves of various colours arranged on a string
Everything changes, it's the only constant in nature

Every year there are four or more seasons and your skin responds to them by becoming drier, oilier, thinner or thicker. There are now a myriad of products and compounds we're being exposed to on a daily basis that previous generations of humanity never had to deal with.

We are humans, we intimately interact with our environments, and we age, so the skin type that was most dominant in the last decade is probably not the one that will dominate this decade of your life. Our experiences as teenagers would have informed us about this in possibly excruciating clarity... We also have these hormone-driven bodies to live in, and hormones are affected by more than the stage of life we are going through. They're affected by everything in our environment, from the things we can't control like; weather, temperature, pollution, social stress, work conditions and more, to the things we can control like; food and drink intake, the entertainment we choose, the lifestyle we engage in, the products we choose to use, and more.

A woman's neck in sunlight with the shadow of a plant
Know Your Skin Types information page is now live!

Find out more about how you can know your skin types, and look after your skin with safe personal care products regardless of what season you're going through, via the links below.

Remember that you are not a static Being but an evolutionary one, journeying through your timeline, the environment you're in and all experiences that have made and are making, your life. Embrace and accept that your skin will require regular maintenance and protection; just as much as the home you dwell in, to benefit from an organised approach so you obtain the best possible complexion no matter what life sends your way.

If you need more assistance, please use the Contact form, or consider a Selfcare Your Way Consultation.


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