All 18 Aromablends in sample size of approximately 2ml, plus one Certified Organic Jojoba for use as a carrier to try out any of the pure essential oil blends. Presented in a travel tin and accompanied by a digital guide book, 'Full Spectrum Healing', you'll have them at your fingertips wherever you are. The perfect gift for someone who loves their oily life or who is interested in finding more autonomy with their wellbeing journey. Or, if you just LOVE aromatics and are scent addicted.


Ranging from combinations of full strength essential oils to therapeutic dilutions that can be used immediately as topical applications, this collection spans the full spectrum of aromatherapy.


Save over 10% when purchasing the MINIS COLLECTION and receive the digital guidebook 'Full Spectrum Healing' as a bonus. This guide helps you understand the ingredients of each blend, the synergistic effect of using them as a blend and the various application methods of use.


Full Strength Essential Oils:

  • Rescue - clear, calm, restore
  • Prosper - clarify, purify, reset
  • Bright - uplift, comfort, cleanse, clear
  • Astral Traveler - quieten, connect, relax
  • Freedom - awareness, stability  (Agatase & Rutiliated Quartz Crystal Infused)
  • La Belle Vie - free, happy, contented
  • Woodkin - connect, ground, calm
  • Key Qi - purify, shield, ground
  • Forest Bather - open, reconnect, expand (Petrified Wood & Agate Crystal Infused)
  • Burp - clear, relieve, release




  • Peace - presence, balance  (Petrified Tree Fern Crystal Infused)
  • Fresh Pearl - cleanse, refresh, protect
  • Abracadabra - calm, balance, ground, center
  • Panacea - heal, repair, soothe
  • Buster - cleanse, sanitise, purify
  • Beauty - confidence, sensuality (Clear Quartz Crystal Infused)
  • Nirvana - uplifted, loving, peaceful
  • Anahata - heart, love, peace (Rose Quartz Crystal Infused)

Minis Collection - Full Spectrum Aromatherapy


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