SHIELD is a gentle, all botanical protection cream made with Tamanu Oil, Shea Butter and a powerhouse of UV protective ingredients.Designed as an 'Everyday' product with skin-restorative and skin-protective botanicals (without Zinc or tint that's in 'Everyday EnviroProtection Lotion' or 'Everyday SolarBalm'), so you can enjoy short amounts of time in the sun absorbing the natural wellness and vital, catalystic benefits that it imparts, without the unhelpful burn or damage.

It's also an everyday defense against indoor UV light emissions from digital devices, outdoor UV rays and general pollutants.


But, it's not just for daytime use, this rich cream is perfect for cooling skin that's been outside or in front of screens all day long. Thanks to ingredients like Tamanu Oil, Carrot Seed, Raspberry Seed and Peppermint, this cream creates a protective shield as well as a restorative, leave-on masque for damaged skin.


Always apply to clean, damp skin for best results.


Suitable for all ages.

SHIELD - Protective Cream | Masque

  • Apply a light swipe of lotion to the face (ears too), neck (front and back), chest, arms, and anywhere that you haven't covered with clothing.

    TIP: to cleanse the skin of oil based products use an oil based cleanser like one of the MultiPurpose Body Oils or a Cleansing Gel. Alternatively you can use one of the Powdered Facial Cleansers which combine Arrowroot Powder aerated with botanical oils. Apply to damp skin, rub in, wash off with warm water and pat dry.

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