Promotes swift healing and calming with excellent anti-inflammatory qualities that are gentle and nourishing.


The ultimate healing oil, Helichrysum is also known as 'Immortelle' for it's wondrous healing powers. *Calendula heals skin tissue and is especially good for improving the appearance of scars. BOTH are powerful anti-inflammatory oils that can reduce swelling and therefore reduce pain.


Creates feelings of profound nurturing & well-being
Medicinal, soothing floral
Promotes swift healing
Repairs skin and scar tissue
Reduces swelling
Antibacterial,  Antiviral,  Antiseptic,  Antifungal,  Anti-inflammatory
Soothing,  Calming, Healing,  Nourishing

PANACEA Aromablend

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  • *Calendula in *Olive Oil, Natural Vitamin E (Tocopherol) with Soya Bean Oil, **Wild-crafted Helichrysum infused *Jojoba. *=Certified Organic  **=Wild-crafted Organic


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