The benefits of a Hydrating Mist for your skin, mind and emotions

Hydrating mists that combine pure water, essences and extracts with aromatherapy have amazing benefits for all skin types, but with so many to choose from it can be hard to decide which ones are for you. The other question you need to ask is, ‘what’s in the bottle?’, because a lot of commercially produced mists will contain dispersant synthetics that can cause sensitivities.

MEM’s Hydrating Essence Mists contain only natural and botanical ingredients and do not contain any synthetics or dispersants at all. They are also naturally vegan and cruelty-free.

Essences and extracts are now common in most skincare, especially in facial mists and spritzers, but if you read labels (like I do) you’ll probably have noticed that there is the odd preservative and/or antibacterial component in some/most of them. While keeping the purity of the product is very important, the stability of a water based mist can be achieved using more natural, botanical compounds. Using a purity protocol that is completely organic, botanic and natural (as MEM does) has knock on benefits for those who are sensitive to synthetics on an emotional and mental level. Sure we can see skin irritations, that’s easy, but when it comes to identifying the triggers for how we feel, that can be a little more involved.

I personally believe that the combination of the toxic chemicals in mainstream personal care products is seriously dangerous. And I know from personal experience that eliminating water based products from your routine (creams, gels, lotions) has a massive and direct impact upon the amount of toxins you consume via your skin each day. (The only water based products I make and use are the Hydrating Mists) Reactions like headaches, mood swings, irrational behaviour, outbursts, depression and emotional withdrawal have a potential to be caused by the products we are using. When you have a product like a facial mist/auric mist, that is going to be directly inhaled as well as absorbed by the skin, it needs to be as pure as possible.

Which one is for you?

In ‘Calm’ Hydrating Essence Mist I’ve used my in house prepared Vanilla Bean extract to bring a comforting signature to the blend, and ‘Fringed Violet’ Australian Bush Flower Essence to heal and protect the energy body. Lavender and Roman Chamomile essential oils hold this together in a super-soothing blend that’s as good for treating panic attacks and inducing sleeptime bliss as it is for sunburn or prickly heat rash.

With ‘Clarity’ I wanted to establish a very ‘clean and purified’ signature so I used a Jasmine Green Tea extract (which is refreshing and cleansing for all skin types) with Geranium (balancing) and Tea Tree (astringent and purifying) essential oils. To bring a sense of security to the mind and emotions I used ‘Elestial on Citrine with Black Tourmaline’ Crystal Essence that grounds and clarifies as well.

‘Radiant’ has an antioxidant rich Rosehip & Hibiscus Nib extract with ‘Angelsword’ Australian Bush Flower Essence to help us feel confident and assured. Together with an essential oil blend of Rose Geranium and Jasmine Sambac, it delivers a pretty and sensual vibe that’s ‘indulgently good for you’.

Each mist is prepared to order and will last for approximately 3-6 months in pristine condition if stored away from light and heat. As there are no dispersal chemicals you simply shake the bottle each time before use, and mist on a small amount as needed.

PS: So how do I prevent the mists from ‘going off’? I’ve developed my own botanical solubiliser that also works as a water stabilizer and preservative. It is a blend of extracts in medicinal alcohol and a certified organic vegetable glycerin, plus a proprietary blend of essential oils (my secret recipe). The amount of alcohol in the mists is negligible, being less than 1% and is not readily noticeable at all.

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