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It's written in the Stars

I invite you to gather round and let me tell you a story, ... about a woman searching for meaning, understanding and the answers to questions that buzzed and whirred through her mind... 🤗

I have been a student of esoterica for a long time, before I even knew what the word 'esoteric' actually meant. Hidden knowledge is a light I keep chasing, and I find beautiful shiny things along this path. Part of this pathway to knowledge was finding the concept of Harmony and an organic lifestyle that worked with holistic principles of embracing the 'All'. We may talk about harmony, but do we actually connect with it as a life philosophy; taking it through our health, our relationships / parenting, or our career?

I enjoyed my journey through meditation, Buddhism, Yoga, Crystal Therapy, Energy Healing, Herbalism, Numerology, Flying Stars Feng Shui, Astrology...loving all of these disciplines and enjoying the richness they added to my life.

Along the way I left a lot of my old self behind, ... and it was good.

As my life morphed into something I'd not formerly imagined; parenthood, and I suppose more encompassing - Motherhood, I found that the passions I once had were overtaken by more practical needs.

"What is in that product? Why do they need to inject me with that? What's in that medicine? What is in this food I'm eating? Why does my tap water taste strange?"

... those 'little things' that not everyone asks about. So that's where Magic Earth Mumma formed. Before that I had studied Holistic Feng Shui and loved the complimentary therapies of all kinds that were a part of this study. I created a consultancy and still operate it now. I am a qualified Senior Flying Stars Feng Shui Practitioner and I love taking the opportunity to engage in creating more harmony for people and places. It's a joy.

So now, you will find a page about Feng Shui here on MEM. I have written and presented more than 5 Study-at-home Manuals, and produced an Annual Influences Guide each year since 2008. Regular clients LOVE the format of a page per month calendar that has the monthly chart plus summary of energy map all in one place, with significant events and the lunar cycles noted too. This is great for those who like to plan special occasions to coincide with complimenting energy levels and optimise the best possible outcomes. Or just to get a 'heads up' if there's a wave of uncomfortable or contentious energy coming in...and when there are opportunities with extremely beneficial energy pooling that you can take advantage of!

If you'd like to find out more about Holistic Feng Shui, Flying Stars Feng Shui and how to use them everyday, you can purchase beginners to advanced Modules on the 'Feng Shui' page. All of the current editions have been updated and revamped with more explanations, diagrams and examples.

The Annual Influences Guide is produced in December to January every New Year and will help you plan your year month by month. There is also a special offer for anyone wanting to purchase Module 1 ebook to study at home with the AIG ...

Take a wander through the listings for the three Module ebooks, the complimenting handbooks ('Building Harmony' and 'How to Use the Five Elements with Flying Stars Feng Shui') plus all the free articles on the blog here under the category 'Feng Shui'. Enjoy! and if you have any questions please contact me so we can chat energy flow.

Blessings for Peace and Prosperity for everyone 😊



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