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The rise of water activated skincare products and why we need to embrace it

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

If you're at all familiar with Magic Earth Mumma's products you'll know that I am passionate about consumer education. I want you to understand 'why' I'm asking you to ditch soap and synthetics, but here's something else to chat about. Water.

Why do I want to talk about water? Well first, let me ask you how 'green' you think your skincare products are. When you purchase something do you look at the label ingredients, or check the quantity of outer packaging used? Have you considered that any product using water will have been formulated with preservatives and additives. Do you know much about those ingredients?

When it comes to choosing your 'water-less' or water-activated product I urge you to research the ingredients and avoid synthetic chemical even in products promoted as 'green beauty'.

Water is great for your skin, but products that have been traditionally used with water for cleansing aren't great for your skin. Soap and formulations like soap that contain diluted amounts of solvents, are causing skin reactions and over time lead to skin problems like eczema, dermatitis and premature ageing.

Bubbles have become synonymous with 'clean' for many generations now...but do they really make you clean when you're left with chemical residue all over your body? As a society we are consciously worried about 'dirt' and have been conditioned into using soaps, detergents and other kinds of chemical cleaners to deal with this imaginary monster of 'dirt'. But our skin has always been protected from environmental pollution, microbes and pathogens by the sebum, our own body oil produced in our skin, that works to help our pores clean themselves. Using detergents or 'surfactants', like those found in water based products, strip away this protective shield and expose our skin to environmental pollution. Not to mention the fake fragrances and colours used in modern liquid washes. eeek!

The alternative is quite 'alternative' because it completely turns its back on this presumption that cleaning with suds is the only way to remove dirt, and embraces the idea that using plain botanical powders and oils as cleansers is more beneficial for your skin.

Here are 5 reasons to switch to a water activated and low-water-usage skincare routine:

1. The water-less, water-activated and low-water-usage trend is great for the environment because mainstream mass production will use less water to manufacture their products. With the consciousness around water consumption growing it is the best thing for global manufacturers to reduce the water in all products. Especially personal care products that we use everyday and are bought off the shelf every week or month.

2. Less chemicals used. Water complicates the chemical formulation of a product. Because the presence of water helps bacteria thrive, the manufacturers have to use synthetic preservatives, parabens, silicone, solvents, surfactants, glycols, etc. to increase the product’s shelf life and consumer safety. Remove the water and the formulation is simplified. A solution to the questionable 'solutions'!

3. Less packaging is needed. Water may constitute 70% to 90% of some products increasing the packaging by more than three quarters of the active ingredients! That right there should be enough to make a switch. Packaging is probably the biggest environmental issue we are living through right now. Change in this one aspect of product manufacture can have wide-reaching results.

4. More potency and value for money! A product that limits or eliminates the use of water means that consumers are paying only for the active ingredients rather than excessive packaging, water and chemical preservatives (which ultimately harm skin). They use less product and it lasts longer. Consumption is lowered and made more economical.

5. Travel happy. Water-less products reduce travel restrictions to almost zero because they have small packaging and weigh less meaning your bag is lighter and you travel happier.

Made with a base of botanical powders and oils with potent botanical extracts and essences, these can be used everyday to remove environmental pollution and keep your dermis happy.

Made with a base of botanical powders, clay and oils, these work just as well as any liquid bodywash but have the attractiveness of being excellent travel buddies and great value for money. Use them as weekly treatments to avoid overuse of soaps on your skin or for everyday cleansing depending on the formulation. See 'Peace & Quiet' for a soft as silk approach to soapfree skincare.

Use it as a moisturising treatment after a shower or as a pre-shower treatment for hair and body, and as oil cleansers for the face... these formulations are all botanical oils that are all active ingredients and there for a reason. (available in recycled PET bottles)

'A little goes a long way' with these products. Made in concentrated formulas, the solid lotion is amazing value for money when compared to a cream or liquid lotion. Plus, no nasties! There's everything from an all purpose balm like 'Au Naturel', waterfree gel moisturisers like 'Tea Silk' and 'Petal Silk', to intensive beauty treatments like 'Blessing', or a daily essential like 'Gentle Deo' and 'Everyday SolarBalm'.

Oil based facial treatments - Serums and Facial Oils

Eliminate the water and what you get is 100% potent and active ingredients. A value for money way of moisturising and feeding the skin. These products will outperform their 'cream' or lotion competitors at least 3 times over for product usage. Meaning that if your facial moisturiser now lasts you 3 weeks, one of these could last 9 weeks+. Most of my clients by their facial serum every 2 months.

If you have extremely dry or damaged skin you may like to try one of the Gel cleansers made on a base of Certified Organic Aloe Vera Gel. These are a great way of moving from mainstream products to something non-toxic, cruelty-free and very, very 'green and good for you'.

Blessings for healthy skin and a happy planet!


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