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A Natural Product Manifesto

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

It took some time to perfect this message, but it came down to honesty, integrity and the ability for me to fully honour you as people who are searching for answers, who can, or want to know how to, discern between the BS that's prevalent in the natural product realm, and real information. This is what Magic Earth Mumma is. Real Natural.

Firstly, let me be absolutely upfront and state the obvious...what I make and offer is not the same as your other personal care products. It's not 'just' perfume and skincare with the word 'natural' on the label. I live and breath, walk and talk, think and feel with this purely natural ethos.

Purely natural skincare doesn’t work the same as your other skincare, and I won’t use 16 to 26 year old models to sell product to 30 to 60+ year old people with the words ‘anti-ageing’ on it.

Perfumes are made from real natural ingredients. Real scent, no synthetics...ever.

Skincare is not about products you use ON your skin. It is so much more.

Regarding anti-aging marketing; the situation is that you’ve aged already. It’s done. If you want to, it’s time to learn how to repair, rejuvenate and or maintain the best skin you can have. You will never look 19 again. It’s a thing. We’re human. We mature…and we hopefully get better, become wiser and relax into who we are. For that reason the products I make are actively regenerating and rejuvenating, while also helping to balance the energetic body so it can identify in a healthy way when it feels calm, euphoria, peace and happiness. Aromatics are emotional influencers and the frequency/message/connection needs to be pure and as close to nature as possible.

In this episode of my life, I feel I am here to provide an example of ‘how to do this’ to the younger generation, to show them that ageing is not to be feared or shunned. That crows feet, laugh lines and squinty creases are adorable because we have acquired them from a life of seeing, laughing and assessing this world.

Skin health is my thing. While beauty is more than skin deep, the aesthetic IS important because it is the manifestation of so much more. This shell we inhabit needs as much care as the rest of us, as we know all our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual processes are intrinsically linked to our environment, nourishment and community.

We can live a ‘whole’ life by following Holistic protocols for good health, wealth and happiness. But we can’t live a whole life without connecting into purity, honesty and kindness, and I truly believe that it begins with yourself first, because that’s exactly how I’ve experienced it and observed it happening over and over again. You matter. You really, truly, do matter. Begin with You.

That’s what the formation of MEM has been. Magic Earth Mumma is not simply skincare and perfume… it’s a collection of therapies, protocols and opportunities to invite more vibrancy, less toxicity and greater balance into your personal life, your work productivity, and your family’s happiness.

If the words Purity, Honesty and Kindness create a reaction in you, please sit with that. You are not expected to espouse each of those virtues every moment of every day. They are benchmarks with which to base your experiences on first of all, and secondly to gauge your behaviour with.

Not the other way around. Even though it’s all about You, sometimes we have to look at our influences first and assess the level of control they have been exerting over our behaviour. Question the influences you are aware of, and then take time to examine any other influences that you may not be consciously aware of. What is beneficial? What feels right? What feels wrong? Getting back to the Authentic You can take a little time. Getting back to Authentic You can also take a leap of faith, an act of courage and a whole lotta guts. But it’s worth the effort, because the rewards are incredible.

And yes, this all comes back to personal care and skincare…because skin is a barometer for health and wellness. Happy skin happy You?

Nah …other way around.

Happy You, happy skin.



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