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'locus genii' - spirit of place

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

By now we are all probably in a state of completely loving or loathing our current predicament. It's not just about being unable to get to work, study or socialise, it's also about us humans having more interaction with one particular location's energy for a much longer period of time.

For some the concept of places holding a particular type of energy is easily understood and accepted, but for others it's a new thing to consider. The energy of any particular place can be named as the 'locus genii' or the 'spirit of place' and we have loads of examples of this in traditional folklore, as well as the undeniable attraction certain places in the world hold for everyone. Think Stonehenge, Uluru, Machu Pichu..., there are so many particularly special places that are commonly known as being powerfully energetic. So what about your place? Have you considered tapping in and connecting with the energy of the place you inhabit?

This can be a simple exercise in sitting quietly within the environment inside or outside your home. If you are in a building, consider its history, previous occupants or purpose the building may have held. If you're outside you can observe the formation of the landscape, the appearance of the trees, rocks, earth and the shapes made by any water courses that are there. Everything imbues the place with a unique energy that cumulatively creates a special frequency. You can use this connection to help calm your own vibration, to invite deep and sacred support for all manner of endeavours and to anchor your frequency into the place so you can live from a place of connection which fortifies all your inner world and outer world 'doings'.

To connect with ritual contains an element of magic and that's something I encourage you to do regardless of your belief system. Conscious connection to wonder is healthy for the heart, mind and spirit and I can't imagine life without my personal relationship to nature and everything it is. So sit with your space. You may wish to just Be with the silence for a while. Soak up transmissions and sift through any messages coming your way. You might prefer to ask a specific question; 'What can I do today to enhance this place?'. See what is offered. If you are an uber practical person you will prefer to assess the area and mentally note the 'good', 'bad' and innocuous aspects of the space. That's fine too. Every ounce of energy whether it is visual, tactile, sonic, mental, emotional or spiritual has meaning and purpose.

A simple ritual for connecting deeply to the energy of a place is to make a ring crystals, salt or light/candles (real or virtual) and sit inside it. The Centre of your property is considered the most potent as it is the natural home of an influence called 'Star 5' or Pure Potential. Now, which way will you face? Each direction is associated with a particular Life Aspect, so you may wish to face the one you are requiring most assistance with. Here's a Bagua diagram so you can see which direction is for you, it's taken from the free ebook available from Magic Earth Mumma.

Close your eyes and breathe quietly. In your mind's eye, imagine your personal energy like golden threads of light forming a helix, winding down and down into the earth below you. They glow pleasantly and form a conduit between you and the bright core of the planet. Be with that visual and feel the energy of the place you are in. When I am calmed I ask the most pertinent question in my mind and request assistance. I speak within my mind but you can say it out loud if you are inclined. I talk with the landscape and mention anything I've noticed lately ('the trees were beautiful at sunset the other day, they sparkled up and down the mountainside, you are so amazing to watch') and that helps me feel that I have a relationship with the locus's not a one sided 'gimme gimme', but rather a reciprocal appreciation. So with that in mind, feed your space with beauty, appreciation, respect and love so that in return you can request support, security and nourishment.

When completing a 'sitting', I breathe and thank the energy present. I'll often light incense or a candle and just enjoy the frequencies that have arisen. Often it means I'm alive with ideas or afire with the answer to something I've been wrangling with, so I go and 'do' whatever I can to hold those answers and use them. This kind of ritual or ceremony is not a Space Clearing, but rather a Space Connection. I hope you'll try it out.



As you may have guessed, I use scent to connect in with natural energies. Here are a few suggestions of my personal favourites... Dark Moon Scents: 'Invoke' Organic Botanic Perfume, 'Astral Traveler' Aromablend, 'Delirium' Organic Botanic Perfume. Earth Ritual Scents: 'Infinite OM' Organic Botanic Perfume, 'Woodkin' Aromablend, 'Forest Bather' Aromablend. New Moon Scents: 'Key Qi' Aromablend, 'Crystal Roses' Botanical Eau de Parfum, 'Aqua City' Botanical Eau de Parfum. Full Moon Scents: 'Nirvana' Aromablend, 'Eleven' Botanical Eau de Parfum, 'La Belle Vie' Aromablend, 'Three Wishes' Organic Botanic Perfume, 'Bright' Aromablend, 'Blessings' Organic Botanic Perfume. Cleansing/Clearing Ritual Scents: 'Prosper' Aromablend, 'Rescue' Aromablend, 'Key Qi' Aromablend, 'Child of the Universe' Organic Botanic Perfume. Confidence & Security Ritual Scents: 'Beauty' Aromablend, 'Anahata' Aromablend, 'Forest Bather' Aromablend, 'Artemis Smiled' Organic Botanic Perfume.

If you feel inclined to know more about your property and the matrix of energy influences present, have a look at the Feng Shui page and take a wander through the manuals on offer.

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