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4 Steps of Holistic Skincare

A holistic approach to skincare encourages you to view your personal maintenance as nurturing for your physical body, strengthening for your emotions, relief for your mind and food for your soul.

When faced with a skin issue I observe that people get distracted by the search for a product that will fix 'it'.

Having premature ageing means you get distracted by 'antiaging' products.

Having a hormonal outbreak = distracted by blemish clearing products.

Tired skin may mean you'll look for concealer make up.

None of those things are the real answer, because the issue is how you feel, not how your skin looks.

Focusing upon 'what can I get/do to make x/y/z go away-be better-get fixed' doesn't acknowledge the fact that x/y/z are manifesting because of a deeper, physical-mental-emotional-spiritual situation.

Yep. Time for accessing the adult within, the hero inside you, and being real...

Return the focus to - What is my body telling me?

Because if you don't listen to your body's messages, your skin will shout at you.
This is me. 2014 to 2017. Three years of gentle unfolding into better health.

It will shout at you from the mirror by displaying dark circles, inflammation and redness.

It will squeal with dermatitis of some form.

It will groan by becoming prematurely aged.

And all of this is reversible.

Maintaining strong, supple, clear, soft skin is as much of an inside job as it is an outside job. What you put in there eventually shows up on the outside, so choose wisely. It doesn't have to be dramatic, (unless of course your current intake is dramatically toxic...) just small steps each week, then each month.

After four weeks of implementing one change per week you will have radically changed your health, wellbeing and skin condition.

This is me now. 2022. After nearly three years of... well, what the hell has it been? But still, my maturing skin is looking supple. I have wrinkles. So what. I'll have more in another 5 years. But my skin will be strong. My body is healthy. My future is great.

For the first time, in a long time, I feel empowered by maturity. I am comforted by my experiences in life and I know I'm capable beyond what I had previously believed myself to be.

This is the 'chain reaction' we all want to see from starting something new. Progress.

Try these four steps to maintaining a healthy skincare approach and see if it changes how you perceive your skin...

1. Clean up your intake - more fresh food, less convenience processed packaged or commercially prepared food and drink.

The reason is - our skin cells take around a month to renew themselves, but our digestive tract cells take around a week... so you see, if you want to manifest change on the outside, start on the inside and get the foundations right.

2. Take one everyday skincare product and swap it for a deep green one. Totally synthetic free, nourishing, concentrated and nurturing. I suggest that the one product people choose to swap first should be their cleanser.

3. Implement a herbal tonic or organic tea into your life every day. Mon dieu! THIS will change so many aspects of your consciousness you'll have to believe me and then write to me later with the 'omg, wow' emails... honestly, the power of plants is incredible and they are life-changing.

4. Try a course of flower essences like Rescue Remedy. When we aren't totally aware of 'why' sometimes the gentle reflection offered by these subtle healing helpers can unlock pathways of thought that lead to solutions, 'ah-hah' moments and the soft unfolding of a new way to be.

I hope these four steps encourage positive change for you and improve your skin health so you can go out and be the fabulous you that we all want to see more of :)

If you feel you need more personal assistance with your holistic health journey book in a Skincare Your Way consultation. There are three tiers of help to choose from and all of them come with personally curated products sent to your a lifetime discount to use whenever you feel like it :)

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