ANGELWINGS Multi-purpose Oil

ANGELWINGS Multi-purpose Oil

So soft and nourishing, an oil that is suitable for babies and those with sensitive skin. Easily absorbs deeply into the dermis to relieve dry skin issues and protect with a light layer of botanical goodness.


I make my Calendula in Olive blend oil as an in-house preparation using a small amount of Rosemary EO. Together with Camellia Seed and Vanilla infused Jojoba, it makes a subtly scented, everyday oil that's pleasant to use and easy to work with.


See 'How to use' for more information.

  • Ingredients:

    *Camelia Seed Oil, *Coconut Oil fractionated, *Vanilla infused *Jojoba, *Calendula infused *Olive, *Rosemary EO (less than 0.5%). *Certified Organic Ingredient.

  • How to use:

    As a moisturiser -
    Apply to cleansed skin with gentle sweeping motions. For best results, use a small amount directly on to damp skin. Massage in using gently circular motions. 


    As a Bath Oil - 

    Add a pump of oil to a warm bath and relax. No need to rinse off. Pat dry gently.

    If using as a baby bath oil, just add a few drops to a tepid bath and use caution when handling bub from bath tub to dressing table or bed. Personally I find it easier to apply baby skin conditioning oils after bathtime when their skin is wet. Lay them on a soft towel and massage in a few drops of oil.


    As a Facial Cleansing Oil  - 
    Wet skin and apply one small pump of oil to your palms then rub it in to your face and neck. Wet hands and rub water together with the oil over your face and neck. This makes a creamy consistency that helps to remove dirt, pollution and make-up. Rinse off with warm water and a face cloth. Repeat if necessary.


    As a hair treatment -Apply to hair and comb through. Leave in for up to 3hrs but half an hour is enough to make a dramatic difference. Lightly shampoo, and condition if required, using gentle, organic products. Towel dry and style. Alternatively rinse with warm water and finish with a hair rinse dilution of Apple Cider Vinegar (20ml ACV to 200ml water) to treat scalp issues or oily roots, and get shiny clean hair.


    Can be use as a Perineum massage oil in the last trimester.

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