Custom Flower Essence Blend

Custom Flower Essence Blend


A blend of up to five Flower Essences from the Bach Flower Essences.


Complete a short question form(s) to find out which essences will suit you and the situation you are seeking assistance with.


Popular reasons for having a Custom Blend may be:

Moving house

Starting a new job


Quitting Smoking

Balancing Food or Drink intake

Moving through Grief

Assisting with strong emotions

Behavioural challenges such as ADD or OCD

Managing overwhelm, anxiety and panic


Vibrational Therapy works with you to find gentle pathways to better health and wellness. They are completely safe to take with other medications.


For your initial consultation - please choose 'consultation' from the product options.

Within 24hrs of payment your question form(s) are sent to you. 

Consultations are presented over the phone or via Messenger, with a time and date to suit you.

Consultations last for approximately 30minutes and come with email support. 

Before your consultation call please send back the completed question form(s) via email.


Your Custom Blend will be mailed to you within 7 days of your consultation. 

It will include a short report listing the essences in your remedy blend.


For a repeat of your existing Custom Blend from a previous consultation, please use the 'refill' listing. Your Custom Blend will be made up again and mailed to you within 7 days.


If you have questions about Vibrational Therapy please read the info section titled 'What are Flower Essences?'.

  • Directions:

    Take 4 to 7 drops under the tongue, or in a glass of  water.  Add 12 to 21 drops into 500ml+ of water and sip it during the day.  Add 20 drops to a *50ml atomiser of pure water and spray as required into the mouth. *Use within 48hrs of blending. (atomisers are available to order from MEM's Apothecary Supplies page)

  • Ingredients:

    Essences are made using Purified Water and less than 1⁄5  brandy alcohol in a dosage bottle.

  • What are Flower Essences?

    Essences are the infusion of energy from plants, flowers, rocks, minerals, places and spaces.  Everything in our environment, both seen and unseen, is in constant motion and emitting a frequency which we pick up as subtle messages. By infusing these messages in pure water we can use them for emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual healing and balancing.


    Every society on the planet using Essence Therapy in various forms for healing and well-being. While we may not live as close to nature as we once did, picking up these messages from our environment as a matter of daily life; we can still harness this natural progressive therapy via the use of Essences. 


    Vibrational Essences offer a unique healing solution for those who are unable or unwilling to take pharmaceutical treatments, and, they offer a unique opportunity to combine pharmaceutical medication with an alternative treatment without side effects. They are made of pure spring water and grape brandy...a small amount to stabilise the water.


    Magic Earth Mumma's Essence Remedies are made using Grail Haven Pure Spring Water, sourced from underground streams on Mount Tamborine in the Gold Coast Hinterland, Queensland. This high vibrational water runs over crystal beds located deep underground in the volcanic plateau and has the most sparkling energy signature. I feel it is some of the highest quality water I've ever tasted and used for essence therapy, and it's what sets MEM's products apart from others.

  • Reviews

    "I've used Rescue Remedy for so many years but I love the energy of your blend." Paula


    "Meant to tell you we also used your Rescue Remedy on her little dog when fireworks were going off and also when in the car. They worked brilliantly!!" Jo


    "... your Rescue Remedy has been a godsend" Rebecca


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