A powder-puff soft blend of Lavender and Calendula to swiftly calm skin irritations and reduce inflammation. Arrowroot Powder is a gentle cleanser, taking off dirt and allowing nutritive oils to penetrate deep into the dermis. Lavender relaxes skin and heals irritations, while Calendula is a master anti-inflammatory and wound healer. (you can use this as a facial cleansing powder)

For normal skin it's great maintenance. For problematic skin it's a gift. Laced with 'SleepWell' Bach Flower Essence assists with quietening mental chatter and relaxing the energy body from stress and tensions.


This can be applied as a dry shampoo with fingertips or a large brush. Dab onto the roots of the hair sparingly and comb or brush lightly. Simply washes out when required.

Aroma-profile: Quietening, Calming, Healing, floral

Dissolves on wet skin
Gluten free & Vegan
Suitable for all types of skin and babycare
Antibacterial, Antiviral, Anti-inflammatory
Suitable for everyday use

Calming and healing
Rich in trace minerals and skin nutrients
Softly cleansing and deeply hydrating

Peace & Quiet Powdered Body Wash

  • Arrowroot Powder, *Fractionated Coconut Oil, *Calendula in *Olive Oil (contains a small amount of *Rosemary essential oil as an antioxidant), *Lavender essential oil, 'SleepWell' Bach Flower Essence blend (‘Rescue Remedy’ and 'White Chestnut'). *Certified Organic

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