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This Manual takes you from Beginners level through the basics of Feng Shui theory and the concepts of energy layers.


Everything from Chi Flow explanations to an indepth assessment of the Bagua and how to apply that to your home, or any building, to improve and enhance the Harmony and support for occupants.

Easy to understand language, easy to read examples, and diagrams to help you grasp each new concept, plus you'll use them throughout the whole 3-part manual course! :) 


Dive in now and get to know your home a little better using Directional Energy techniques that have been thousands of years in the making.

Module 1 - Holistic Feng Shui & Energy Layers

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  • Any of the Feng Shui Manuals from Jannette Tibbs Holistic Therapy Connections are available to order as a hardprint copy. Using sustainable practices wherever possible avoids wasting our resources. Each manual is printed on Recycled, Carbon Neutral and FSC Certified paper from Planet Ark with a recycled card backing and cover. These lightweight manuals are threaded with a plastic spine that is recyclable after use.  


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