The Personal Annual Influences Report is the Wayfinder's handbook for the year ahead. Designed to help you navigate the year with Harmony in all endeavours, it uses interpretations derived from your Birth Number (Ming Gua or 'Kua' Number) and how the current Annual Influences affect your Essential Energy in each Life Aspect of the Bagua.


These include interpretation of your potentials for all the Life Aspects :


  • wealth opportunities
  • health issues and/or strategies for improvement
  • family & health
  • romance & growth
  • reputation & perspectives on society and self,
  • personal development
  • self improvement via knowledge and contemplation
  • career, life purpose - vocational awareness
  • sense of stability and security
  • specific Annual challenges and opportunities


Bookings open for these reports from September to December. They assess and collate information for the following Feng Shui year (February to January) and include a free copy of the upcoming Annual Influences Guide for that year.


The report takes approximately 14 days to collate after I have receive your answers to the attached question form (in context with the actual booking date).


The PAI Report is constructed from interpretations of your Ming Gua in relation to each Annual Influence and where it is manifesting on the Bagua. It can provide insight into potential for career strategies, areas where attention is needed, alerting you to potential health issues, relationships navigation, or give you foresight into planning events and activities for the year. 


Associations of your Birth Number that can assist with explaining (and exploring) physiological and mental/emotional strengths and weaknesses in relation to your predisposed health/constitution, home/house and the landscape you live in.


Personal Annual Influences Report

  • Suggestions or advice contained within should never replace concise, professional assistance from your trusted healthcare practitioner or financial advisor.

    All suggestions for substantial physical alterations to any property should be discussed with a licensed engineer, architect or relevant council authorities before proceeding. 

    All advice contained within regarding decoration or room purposing are suggestions based on the report's findings. You are in no way obligated to do any of the changes suggested.

    I, Jannette Tibbs, am in no way responsible for your choices to undertake any of the suggestions outlined in the PAI Report. You are the master of your domain, the captain of your ship and the navigator of your Life, so I commend you highly for taking the step to find out more and encourage you to always take responsibility for your choices. 

    Sarva Mangalam - 'May All Be Auspicious'


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