Pocket Measuring Scales

Pocket Measuring Scales


When you begin to work with a set of precision scales you come to have a better appreciation of exact measurement, how that can help you replicate formula, and how it will help you save money in the long run. Working with formulations that are set out as 'drops' and 'mls' is fine if you are just beginning, but weighing liquids and solids provides exact, repeatable formulation.


These scales have a range from 0.01g to 200g with auto calibration and tare function.

They feature an auto-off function so you won't waste the batteries if you're concentrating on a blending and forget to turn them off (!). 
Each set of scales is checked by me to make sure they work before being sent to you.

Includes instructions and 2 x AAA batteries


These are a must for the budding perfumer, the weekend alchemist or anyone who wants to experiment with making their own skincare, bodycare and first aid blends.



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