A blend of five of the most healing essences in the Bach Flower Essences range.

A combination of:

  • Star of Bethlehem (timeless healing)
  • Rock Rose (to alleviate fear or panic)
  • Impatiens (to slow down the energy body)
  • Clematis (to bring one back to the 'Here and Now')
  • Cherry Plum (for balancing 'extreme' emotions)


This is one remedy I ALWAYS have on hand. It is used for the alleviation of fear, panic or trauma of any kind. Also to be used for preparation of any type of unbalancing occasion..ie: dentist or doctor appointment, surgery, labour and birth, public speaking, exams, etc.


It can also be taken after a shock to counteract the unbalancing effect on our energy body from verbal, physical or spiritual attack.

Rescue Remedy

Choose a size
  • Take 4 to 7 drops under the tongue, or in a glass of  water.  Add 12 to 21 drops into 500ml+ of  water and sip it during the day.  Add 12 to 21 drops to a 30ml atomiser and spray as required into the mouth.

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