Emotional Strength & Heart Energy


Specifically for healing and strengthening mental and emotional aspects of Heart energy. Used to increase Compassion, Forgiveness and Kindness.


Rose Quartz is associated with the Heart Chakra and can help to purify its energy field so that one can feel and respond to Love in all forms. It can be helpful for anyone who has experienced trauma as a child in the form of abuse or neglect, and for adults who feel trapped within an emotional cycle where their needs have not been fulfilled, and so they feel unable to express their feelings to others. It helps to unblock the energy field around the heart, allowing in high vibrational energy of Love and allowing the person to formulate their feelings of Love, emitting them outwards from themselves.


Primarily a comforting and calming stone, Rose Quartz can be helpful for anyone who would like to find more contentment in life. It lifts the energy of the chest area and allows for long, deep breaths, so it may assist those who want to get to sleep gently.


The colour of pale pink imbues our emotions with healing messages. It is the Root Chakra colour of Red in a softer tone, so it emits a safe and gentle message of security and stability. In Holistic Feng Shui, Pink is one of the Fire colours (along with red, purple, orange and the pastel hues of each) but would be considered 'Beautiful Fire' unlike Red which is more energetic and forceful. The Agent element of Fire is at home in the South sector of the compass and is associated with the number 9, Fame & Reputation (Perception), Eyes-Heart-Spirit-Breasts-Blood, Beauty, Warmth and Clarity.


Using the essence of Rose Quartz can help you to see and feel things from another perspective; to move through the stage of victim to survivor and onto the thriver.


Rose Quartz Crystal Essence

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  • Take 5 drops under the tongue, or in a small glass of pure water, two times a day.

    A dosage bottle of 30ml contains roughly 600 drops of essence which will last approximately 2 months.


    If a child will not take this by mouth it can be rubbed gently or sprayed onto the Fontanel (soft area on the crown of the skull) or behind the ears.


    Keep away from heat and light. Use within 3months of purchasing. 

    All essences are made to order using pure water and an alcohol stabiliser. It is a very diluted mix. I do not use vinegar as a stabiliser because I have found that it does not keep the remedy well and taints the smell and taste of the essence unfavourably. If you wish to dilute the taste of your essence, you can pop your dose into a blend of tea or a fresh juice.

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