Serenity & Inner Knowing


Associated with Lunar energy and Yin Earth, Selenite assists in all forms of self-care and meditation. Helps to connect to the collective conscience to access required information.


Selenite gets its name from the moon goddess Selene, and among other attributes like the ability to clear blockages and flood the Chakras with light, it helps us connect to the inner knowing, our innate wisdom and the collective consciousness. It is a magical stone that illuminates the Mind and brings alive the Heart towards the acknowledgement of the ancient mystical Being that you are.


Great for bodywork or to use to treat symptoms that originate from tension and blockages - congestion, muscular knots, headaches, swelling, confusion/neck ache and menstrual irregularities. Because of its structure it is also helpful for the spinal column, being the ‘column of Light’ in our bodies, conducting thought-consciousness throughout our entire nervous system.


A translucent stone that forms in long, tube-like structures, with lengthwise striations that form small ridges. In meditations you can use these ridges to run your thumb or fingers along to assist in feeling calm and accessing the correct or required information requested. Sort of like an Akashic filing system, where you run your fingers over the antiquated style of record cards in a long draw, until finally, there you see it, the reference you’re wanting.


Add it to your skincare/bodycare/haircare to infuse it with Glamour and serenity.

Selenite Crystal Essence

  • Take 5 drops under the tongue, or in a small glass of pure water, two times a day.

    A dosage bottle of 30ml contains roughly 600 drops of essence which will last approximately 2 months.


    If a child will not take this by mouth it can be rubbed gently or sprayed onto the Fontanel (soft area on the crown of the skull) or behind the ears.


    Keep away from heat and light. Use within 3months of purchasing. 

    All essences are made to order using pure water and an alcohol stabiliser. It is a very diluted mix. I do not use vinegar as a stabiliser because I have found that it does not keep the remedy well and taints the smell and taste of the essence unfavourably. If you wish to dilute the taste of your essence, you can pop your dose into a blend of tea or a fresh juice.


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