Skincare Basics Workshop


Skincare Basics is about learning how to make your own nourishing, non-toxic skincare products for naturally healthy skin. These hands-on workshops will have you making skincare and home-spa products to take home. Each one is a base recipe, with instructions on how to recreate them again and information on how to customize them for various skincare needs. Apart from being a great opportunity to teach self-sufficiency, this course will also help the youthful or mature to understand the advertising techniques used by large skincare companies to sell commercial products, how to navigate the world of ‘corporate speak’ when it comes to choosing self-care products and how to avoid potential toxins through education and research.

What do the terms ‘green beauty’, ‘clean beauty’, ‘kind beauty’ and ‘vegan beauty’ really mean?

Do you find it confusing to navigate the ingredients lists to ensure you’re getting a quality product that is what it says it is?

In Skincare Basics I’ll be helping you to unravel the fundamentals of real natural skincare (body or facial) and how to identify what’s natural and what’s not.

This will help you gain a better understanding of what is in the products you’re choosing to use. 

We’ll be discussing the way ingredients are listed on labels and how to read through the jargon used so you can find out what really is natural and what is ‘pseudo-natural’.
You’ll gain confidence in your own knowledge base and have ways to research and check-up for yourself about particular ingredients, plus learn new skills so you can make your own natural self-care products with ease.

The workshops are presented in 4 sessions:

SKINCARE BASICS INTRODUCTION – Understanding what is in your products. 
Practical - Making a powder based formula to use as a gentle daily cleanser, and how to customize this for use as a mask and exfoliator mask base. We will be making a balancing and purifying formula.

SKINCARE AND PRESERVATIVES – Understanding botanical formulas, storage and shelf life.
Practical - How to make a ‘spritz’ blend for use as a facial mist and everyday skin refresher. We will be making a clarifying/awakening formula.

SKINCARE BASICS OF USING ESSENTIAL OILS – Understanding safety protocols and commonsense use.
Practical - How to make an oil blend suitable for use as a Facial Oil/Serum. We will be making a ‘blemish be gone’ formula.

SKINCARE BASICS OF USING BOTANICAL WAXES – Working with formulations and recording recipes.
Practical - How to make a basic balm/salve and how to customize this for many applications both skincare and first aid. We will be making a fragrance free (but deliciously aromatic) formula.


Duration: 1 hour x 4                                                    Suitable for ages 16years+ 
Class Size:  Minimum of 6 to Maximum of 8         Location: To be confirmed (near Brisbane Qld)
Presenter: Jannette Tibbs                                          Suitable for: Beginners and Intermediary
Cost: $200.00 per person. 
Includes: Course Booklet (hardcopy), ingredients, packaging and tuition for workshop (4 x 1hr sessions) held from (time to be confirmed) on (day and dates to be confirmed).


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