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Commit To A Positive Difference - even if no one is listening...

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Years ago, I had this funny idea that I'd present these really really cool and unique products and that everyone would be like "wow, this is exactly what I've been looking for my whole life" and I'd be like "cool, that's so awesome, glad you found me" and there'd be some ultra calm Andean flute music infusing the whole experience and breezes of fresh cut grass with ocean spray...

The reality was that I ended up repeating myself ad nauseum to a silent void with no feedback except for those damn online crickets that chirp happily every time an entrepreneur gets up and gives it their all.

But slowly, ever, so, slowly, I started to get noticed.

People DID try the products and they DID tell me "wow, this is exactly what I've been looking for my whole life" and I DID reply "cool, that's so awesome, glad you found me". No flute music or aromatic breezes...I had to do that stuff myself.

My purpose is to present an alternative. (I'm an 'engineer' of sorts, someone who is focused on finding solutions to problems). Something that is entirely natural, something that works with how ingredients go together without too much interference. Things that have a synergistic, or even a symbiotic, relationship. This is not the way most product development works. Usually it's a case of 'make that water mix with that oil and make it last for at least 3 years (and damn it if I have to use anything remotely questionable or with long term side effects)'.

I'm a person that loves to find a new way, a cleaner approach, a gentler way of doing things. I am 'solution focused', but with my focus squarely on non-toxic, planet-friendly, and biologically safe. I also want stuff to work...but I don't want to use the. same. old. boring. toxic. formulations that everyone-else-is-using. It's SO easy to find a formulator that will do things that way. They're everywhere. There are loads of them. Finding someone (an oddball) like me is difficult. We're secretive in some ways (needed) and probably not prone to explaining things more than say, a hundred or more times. So in the overload that is MEdia, we tend to just take a breath and walk away.

So, here is me, showing up once more because;

I love what I do.

I love that my clients enjoy the products that work (without side effects, initial or delayed).

I am committed to providing alternatives to the mainstream, and making a positive difference in anyone's life.

And all that from perfume and skincare...who'd have thought?

It's not all perfume and skincare, it's mindset too. Anyone who's come to me, purchased from me, or commissioned me for product formulation, has done so because they hit that point where they thought, "I just need it to be simple and clean and honest, and for it to work". Those are my kind of clients. They tend to use the teas for various uses, the essences because even though they don't fully understand 'how' they work they just know they feel better for taking them. They perhaps don't use soap free cleansing ALL the time, but they give their skin a break and reset treatment once a month or so. They are slowly removing the old way of using toxic additives and preservatives every day in their skincare routine and adjusting to water activated products.

They understand that little steps bring big rewards in so many ways.

So if you are also called to start stepping up, and into better health and wellbeing, simply by changing your personal care products over slowly, then "hello!"... come on over and have a look around.

You can always send me a message via the website and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. No middle person here though at present, so it will be this human, getting through the messages one after the other as I do.


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