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Energetic Forecast for 2020 to 2024

A brief summary of Holistic Feng Shui interpretations and observations regarding moving from Period 8 (2004-2024) into Period 9 (2024 - 2044) and what that means for us...

Period 8 from 2004 to 2024 is all about EARTH energy. Those of us on a progressive, evolutionary tangent are going through the metamorphosis that is ‘grounding’. But not in the way of some outwardly spiritual ‘get in touch with the earth’ idea or joining a drum circle and get shamanic ‘thing’ (although that is remarkably helpful) ... it’s got more of a strategic, intrinsic, coming-home-to-my-place-on-this-planet vibe to it all. It's a lightning rod finding its mark. We have been setting up parameters for true Harmony, self-actualisation and a rock solid sense of who and where we are meant to be.

Star 8 is associated with ‘analysis’ energy. It’s the influence for stopping, resting, being still. It is The Mountain. The Youngest Male energy. It is Observation before Action. When you think about it, Star 8 influence of assessment IS Feng Shui!

This energy conduit is the one that helps Contemplation and on the Bagua its home is the NE sector called ‘Knowledge and Self Cultivation’…just to get the above message across even further. What I’ve found so interesting and engaging is the timeline we are entering and are currently in the flow of.

Star 8 seeped into our lives with the sea-change ideal, slow-food and environmentally conscious movements from 2002 onwards. We wanted to get better at being good humans. We desired stability as we saw old foundations of economy and government crumble around us. We engaged in the idea of future-proofing our businesses and lifestyles so that we can absolutely embrace the concept of Sustainability. Solar panels? "Yes! I want rooftiles to be solar panels! ...and while we’re at it what else can we turn into solar panels?". Energy efficient hot water and heating systems? "Yes! We want to use ‘on-demand’ technology and geothermal energy to make our homes more comfortable". Insulated buildings? "Excellent. But can we make it sustainable too? Let’s recycle some of this plastic shit that's piling up first hey?” This is the mind-set of Star 8… it’s ALL about the realisations and it chooses to radically ‘think ahead’.

But where is it all going?

Towards Period 9 of course. As early as 2020 we are going to ‘feel’ this excitement rising. Star 9 is the only Fire Element and it is The Angel of Vivacity and Vigour. Va-va-voom baby! And what is most interesting is the foundations we are laying now in EARTH energy will be nourished by this incoming Fire element. (in the Cycle of Elements, Fire nourishes or passes its energy freely, harmoniously and naturally towards Earth) Period 9 officially begins in 2024 but we are kindling for the explosive energy of this beautiful influence and it feels like we are going to experience the prettiest display of fireworks ever!

Ok, so that’s the ‘best possible scenario’ from my point of view, but for those who aren’t in the flow, and are holding on to outdated and outmoded forms of existence this is going to be a cleansing fire that sweeps through Life. If embraced they come out of it with fertile soil to grow anew, otherwise there’s just ashes to sweep out. Beauty can be terrifying.

On the Bagua, Star 9 is in the South and the sector called ‘Fame and Reputation’. It correlates with our Perception of the Self (ourselves, yourself), and all other things.

How can we be seen as we want to be before we ourselves know who we really are?
Are we living a true representation of our core Being, or playing along with a character we’ve been given by family, society or history?

Star 9 will want to represent you in the most ‘whole’ version of yourself. It will ‘illuminate’ you (the real you) with inspiration and is associated with the eyes, the heart, the blood and spirit. It is beauty, warmth and clarity. Generally, it’s ‘desirable’ to engage in the expression of Star 9 influence.

So the foundations you put down now aren’t necessarily ones of cement and steel, but more of ether and thought…the intangible, the invisible… tapping into your spiritual core. You are a well-spring of astounding energetic force. Human Qi is so very powerful it can manipulate the Qi Flow of landscapes and buildings by sheer force of will. Why not use this to excel at the purpose we are alive for? Why not generate ‘good’ by understanding who we are and what we are meant to do. However that isn’t the easiest route to take and as we see all around us it is ‘easier’ to treat our life like a well-worn path and just keep to the middle. Personally, I’ve never been like that, or if I’ve indulged in that form of life I’ve been sucked dry of any personal power.

Patterns emerge when you investigate your life and I encourage you to take the time to plot your life as a timeline. Use it to identify the things that build you up and the things that have brought you ‘down’. Over some time, this examination will bring up to the light the truer sense of who you are.

To understand your intrinsic nature a lot better you can find out more about yourself with the Personal Energy Report. This compiles information from your Natal Chart using Flying Stars techniques. It explains your strengths, inherent gifts or talents, and where you need to be aware of the need to become stronger, more knowledgable or increase agility. It includes a summary of your Ming Gua (Birth Number) which also outlines your areas of strength and weakness.

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