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Mental Cocoons & Creativity

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

When I was a young girl I never really thought I'd ever be a Mother. I actually had no intention of having children, ever. Motherhood kind of grabbed hold of me, shook me by the shoulders and woke me up. Just goes to show that you never can plan for a future that hasn't presented itself fully...and when you are immature, inexperienced and naive then the future has a way of playing around with your present...

Once I had my first child the world around me changed profoundly. My perceptions changed, my ideals changed and my philosophies got a radical overhaul! I experienced the full spectrum of 'good-to-bad-and-back-again' experiences during my first and second pregnancies and birthings. Motherhood was not what I'd expected or perceived from watching other mothers. Everyone has a different experience depending on their family, the circumstances they find themselves in and the way in which they inherently deal with mundane, repetitive duties. For me it was a reintroduction to ritual, gratitude mindset and reflection during quiet moments.

Reflecting on those memories during the last Mothers Day posts had me quite nostalgic for when my children were babies, even through all the trials, they were special times. To wake between 1 and 3 am every morning for months on end and experience life in this starlit universe, was to me something to appreciate. That I felt the connection to the myriads of other Mothers up during those hours, the collective consciousness of the caring and helped me through the times of extreme exhaustion to know that I was part of a community that only communicated via energy.

My point in all of this conversation is to remind you of the sheer power of framing sections of life in different ways. It enabled me to find strengths no-one had ever told me I had. The literal shift I created each and every time I cocooned myself in my Mind was the most liberated I'd felt in my entire life. The construction of my personal space whether by physical design of places in the home that nurtured me through comfort, or the virtual realities I built with my eyes shut, all enabled my spirit to heal and fortify itself.

A creative approach is what brings genius outcomes.

In light of that realisation I never went back to allowing 'reality' to influence my inner-world (emotions, perceptions, mindset) daily life so much again. If 'bad things' happened I chose to review them in this safe space away from outside influences. This mental cocoon gradually became a permanent feature in my life and I would describe it as a sanctified space of the Mind, Heart and Spirit. I'm going to be sharing a little more of my construction technique with you and inviting you to build your own spiritual fortification of sorts.

Heaven knows that in these times we can all do with more inherent wisdom and sane counsel of the connected mind, body, spirit matrix.



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