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Health Protocols for Overcoming Overwhelm

What is the difference between resting and quality sleep? It's the difference between 'coping' and moving forward. During deep sleep our bodies access biological healing mechanisms, and metaphysically, it's when we get to commune with the Higher Self and have contact with the divine beings without our conscious mind interrupting.

I use Holistic Health Protocols regularly, switching between different modalities as and when needed. That doesn't mean I don't get overwhelmed, just means that when I notice it happening I can understand that I have helpers at hand.

One of my flags is sleep problems. Not just broken sleep, which usually clears up with a few gentle therapies, but more like insomnia, where the brain, heart and spirit are all screaming for attention. At that point I know that I am overwhelmed.

Recently my life has thrown a few challenges my's as if some entity heard me whisper that I felt comfortable and so they're having a bit of fun testing out m'skillz... But sleep, sweet sleep, restores all, and when its not happening it can totally wreck your usual or automatic rational way of dealing-with-shit. This is what was happening.

Protocols for good health are like well known paths you use to get back to your desired destination. You know where you want to go and the protocols are like satnav. You can use them to plan a trajectory, and also to find your way when you are feeling lost. These are my 'at hand helpers'...

Hydration with herbal help ... aka teas, are brilliant for this. Yes they are also a diuretic which also helps to naturally detox the body. I find that 'Bliss & Flow' Herbal Tea Blend is great to balance my hormones, calm nervous tension and enable deep, restorative sleep. Teas can be taken all through the day, but the sleepytime ones are best taken after dinner and a couple of hours before your preferred bedtime.

Top up (regularly from 5am to 6pm) with Purified Water, to help reduce the amount of said toxins entering your system in the first place. If you are struggling just to keep going then you might need the stamina that Ashwagandah can provide. You'll find it in Sweet Devi Herbal Tea Blend.

Aromatherapy in a roll on or diffuser because crap can happen anywhere and anytime, so be prepared. You can choose from any of the most calming blends that help to cleanse energy frequencies and ground you. Among my own personal favourites for this are Abracadabra, Forest Bather, Key Qi and Astral Traveller. Alternatively, you can use comforting blends like La Belle Vie, Nirvana or Solaris. Just trying to get through the day with a little more ... 'more'? Use Freedom or Beauty. Both of these blends are crystal infused which carry that extra layer of vibrational therapy.

Crystal or Flower essence therapy to bring in Nature's subtle messages for healing and guidance. A natural skincare/bodycare regime to look after You so you know and feel your own magic.

Consider getting a combination of Aromatherapy + Crystal/Flower Essence in a Mist. These are handy to keep in your bag and use as emotional enhancers anywhere, anytime.

Reduce known dietary irritants like dairy, wheat, alcohol and processed foods/drinks (the prepacked, commercially prepared stuff). And lastly, use that commonsense attitude whenever possible to make life as normal as you can.

Walk. Breathe. Stretch. Laugh. Daydream. Swim. Hug good people.

Wishing you all the strength, beauty and magic to get you through turbulent times with grace, purpose and ease.




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