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What's your story of skincare?

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Is it where you say "I never really have time to give myself proper skincare treatments...", "I'm just too busy", "It's a waste of money, nothing ever works...". Or maybe you were brought up to believe that spending money on your appearance/skin was self-indulgent and vain....?

Perhaps it's a little more upbeat like

"Darling...I woke up like this ;)" or

"I'm worth every penny I've ever spent on myself!"

Whatever your story of skincare is, it's worth taking a moment or 10 to think about the way you care for yourself, what products you choose, and how the practice of selfcare impacts, benefits or impairs you and your lifestyle.

For example:

  • I choose kind beauty because I'm sensitive to energy and find that using something made from the suffering of others, or dead animals, is counterproductive to me being all.

  • I choose organic botanic products and ingredients because I want to support this movement and the practices they employ to ensure our planet is healthier and treated with respect.

  • I choose to make my own products so I can control the ingredients and avoid any synthetic short-cuts, inactive fillers and trend-driven fads.

  • I choose consciously created products because I know this is the future and I want to be a part of it.

  • I choose to research ingredients and take responsibility for the purchases I make. That's being a conscious consumer, and it is also a practice that will benefit our future.

So when you consider your 'story of skincare', what can you do, or what are already doing, that is aligned with consciously choosing and supporting the kind of future you want to be a part of?

To begin, you need some quiet 'space'. Indulge in a weekly chill session using your favourite way of unwinding.

A bathing ritual is supremely sublime and I've released new Bath Salt Soaks that combine organic botanicals and crystal essences for maximum magical access.

Candles. Water. Salt Soak. Book and or music. Beverage of choice. And time to yourself to close your eyes and tend to your body. This imparts caring and healing frequencies to You. If this kind of treatment can avoid overwhelm, distress and anxiety then isn't it worth the effort to organise it once a week? I'd prefer to spend an hour on myself at home than an hour at a doctor's surgery or specialist...

Secondly, find out how to make simple personal care products yourself.

Skincare Basics Workshops are available to book, and I'll be making the workshop booklet available for purchase very soon. This will help you start to make your own basic recipes for self care products at home, and then you can continue your 'education' so that you can make more complex or customised products to suit you and your family. Read more about Skincare Basics here.

Lastly, please have a look at your all-natural product ingredients and get to know what's what. Is it really 'all-natural'? I mean petroleum IS natural too, but I'm not sure everyone wants that sh*t on their skin...right? Be pro-active in your choices because you do have the final say about how much toxin you're allowing into your life and into your body. It's YOUR story. YOU are the author, so edit wherever necessary and create a masterpiece of healthy happiness.

Be well :) xx

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