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What is 'High Quality Qi'?

When we think of things that are easy to do, feng shui may seem to us to be a little out of reach. There seems to be so many rules, so many don'ts and a fair bit of fear-control within some forms of feng shui. So if it's all about making things more harmonious, then why all the confusing stuff?

Feng Shui is not about following rules blindly. It is about becoming conscious and observant of the spaces you inhabit, and learning how to lift the energy to a nourishing and supportive level. Much like the Scandinavian concept of 'hygge', the idea of using feng shui principles is to created 'that feeling' of comfort, peace, happiness and support for you and your loved ones. 'High Quality Qi' = 'Hygge' . It's something you feel, something you understand on an emotional level, something that makes you smile quietly and something we want to generate into our lives.

Holistic Feng Shui teaches that it is often not the 'things' we put into a space that makes it produce great energy, but rather what we do not put in there, or what we remove sometimes, that makes a larger impact upon the energy grid of a space. That's why 'clutter', literally clogging up our spaces; like clogging up an artery, is a big part of why any space feels uncomfortable. The energy can't move around fluidly, peacefully, ... it can't 'meander' and mingle sociably, and what is left is a friction and tension which over time escalates, accumulates; begins to deteriorate any good quality energy,... and basically brings the vibe down. The result of such a situation is Low Level Qi, and we'll usually see it manifest as things like depression, dissatisfaction, apathy, illness, arguments etc.

So even if you are not of a cultural background that is familiar with feng shui, the concepts of lifting energy up, of maintaining High Quality Qi in your body, buildings and property, is entirely achievable using your design preferences, symbols of your belief system, and items you probably already own as part of your decor. Creating 'inviting' spots to enjoy peaceful time is in itself an element of every culture on the planet (and possibly off-planet too).

If you'd like to have a further read of what Holistic Feng Shui is about you can download last year's Annual Influences Guide for just $1 from the feng shui page, or, follow the links to read more free articles on the Holistic Therapy Connections page.

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